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Google+ Celebrates Its 3rd Birthday Today (June 28)

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Last updated on December 31, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-06-28 at 10.36.47 PM Aygul Z

Google + and its growth was tremendous from its first day (June 28th 2011) on-wards!!

The World Wide Web Tells it all!

Google+ is the social networking company of the search engine giant Google Inc.

Though it is known as a social networking company it is also an authorship tool associate with web content directly with its owner.

Here is an infographic created by Eddie O’Driscoll of DPFOC which tells the history of Google Plus in nutshell.DPFOC-IG-Google-Plus-High-resolution (1)

Here is an informative tutorial/guide on Google Pages

The video tells it all how to start and establish a business page at Google+

Here is an informative tutorial/guide on Google Pages

To read more please click on the link here:  


If you register/signup at Quickstarter you get the daily updates and the following from G+

1. Google+ Tactics – We show you the top ways to build engagement and your personalized global network.

2. Google+ Management Tips – How to tame your ‘stream’ and create really effective circles

3. The Key to Google Authorship – How to seriously increase your click through rate (CTR) for your content

4. Secrets of Social SEO – Maximize your time and your results with these awesome tips

5. Google Hangouts For Teams -Increase your efficiency using Google+ with Google Hangouts and Drive

6. And a free, leading edge 12 module video course on Google Semantic Search with David Amerland and Martin ShervingtonSound good to you?

Well sign up below – all free, and super easy.

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Also to know more about Google+ activities on this day please click on this link:   HappyBirthDayGoogle


We at Philipscom Wishes G+ and Team a Happy and Great B Day!!

Keep Going G+ Many More Years To Go!!!

With All Good Wishes

Philipsom & Associates

To  Meet Martin Shervington @ G+ Please Click HERE 

Thanks Martin for the wonderful and marvelous shares at G+ and elsewhere.
Keep Going!

Keep Informed

Philip V Ariel



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    Kindly bear with me.
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    June 30, 2014

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