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“F” Is for Food: Food Safety is the Key Words Today The 7th April 2015 (World Health Day) “From Farm To Plate, Make Food Safe”

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Last updated on July 3, 2015

“F” Is for Food: Food Safety is the Key Words Today The 7th April 2015 (World Health Day) “From Farm To Plate, Make Food Safe”

Picture Credit: WHO

What a coincidence!!!
Again a change in my earlier plan for this day, that is the “F” letter for the 6th Day in the A to Z Blog Challenge for the year 2015.  

Since health is so important and it is very relevant today as the world over celebrate this day as World Health Day And this year the theme is on “Safe Food”.

“Health is wealth” the age old saying is still relevant!

World Health Day will be celebrated on 7 April, with WHO highlighting the challenges and opportunities associated with food safety under the slogan “From farm to plate, make food safe.”

Here is an informative infographic on food safety: 

And also watch and read these related videos and write-ups on health, hygiene and food safety:  Thanks for your valuable time here.


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WHO: World Health Day 2015, Food Safety – the Global View

 Food Safety & Hygiene Training Video in English Level 1 (A Must Watch Video For All)

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World Health Day 2015: From farm to plate, make food safe






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  1. Food safety is very important. Especially now. Great tips!

    April 8, 2015
  2. Ann P
    Ann P

    Hi Phil,
    Yes, Health is Wealth!
    Let us keep it safe for our good!
    But sad, this is not happening often! :-)
    The video and the infographics speaks louder!
    But again sad we all do not follow it properly and face the calamities LOL
    Anyways thanks for reminding these great truths.
    Keep writing!
    But Take Care of your Health Too! :-)
    Remember “Health is wealth”! Nothing else! :-)
    Rest all will come slowly and steadily LOL
    Yours Sincerely,
    ~ Ann P V

    April 8, 2015

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