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Different Uses of the letter X – X’Mas, X-Ray Etc….

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Last updated on February 20, 2017

  1. Different Uses of the letter X………………….
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This year’s A to Z blog challenge is fast nearing to the closing down days.

Today’s letter X is the Twenty Fourth alphabet. That means the 24th day in A to Z Blog Challenge.

Let us see the different use this alphabet or its application in our daily life.


In Mathematics this letter is used to name an independent variable or an unexplained value.

X is also used in Mathematics as the symbol of  multiplication.

X is used to notify or mark as wrong.

X denotes Roman number Ten

Some places X is used as a symbol to show the end of the road

X also refers to the end of conversation.

X is used as general/common mark to select or indicate in a list of item or to mark some particular place in a map etc.

This letter ‘X’ is also used in where an answer or something is unknown.

In ancient times X is used as symbol of love in letters.

X also uses to express some words like Christmas as X’mas,  Ex-Ray  as X-ray etc..

Also read an interesting post on X and X’mas here in this link: What is the X in X Mas

Hey do you know anything else apart from these words mentioned above?

If yes, please post it in the comment box, so that I can add it in the main text with due credit. A back link of your page :-) :-) :-)

May you all participants at A to Z Challenge have a Happy Closing Day at this great event  :-)

Have a Happy and profitable Week Ahead. :-)

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A to Z Blog Challenge 2014
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  1. janu

    A good collection of X’s ;)

    April 28, 2014
  2. Shanthi

    Very Good post sir,Awesome Explanation about letter X thanks a lot for sharing with us….

    April 28, 2014

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