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              LOVE IS IN THE AIR! AN AMAZING LOVER of ALL LOVERS     (Gist of a message (unedited) delivered to a small congregation by the blogger) Picture Credit Jesus Christ’s Love Is So Amazing and no love in this world can compare with it.  The word “Love” is in the air, people are talking about it, especially in this month of February people exchange their love

Amazing and Uplifting Thoughts for the Month of February

Last updated on August 9, 2017 Some Good Thoughts for the Month Some amazing and meaningful thoughts I received in my in box the other day, with due credit and respect to the dear one who created this and posted, I would like to share it with my fellow authors and readers at this place on this wonderful month of February.  “Some people come into our lives and quickly go.

Church confederation- right or wrong

More Goodies @ NackVision Share| Church confederation – right or wrong                                                                                                                                                                    —By Michael Browne, U K. Argument against the need for ‘Confederation of Local Assemblies’ in India. This is an argument opposing the current agitation for the “Confederation” of independent local churches in India – in order, as its exponents feel, to present a forceful united voice to Government authorities in face of renewed religious persecution The Growing persecution

Breaking, Informative and Interesting News from Around the World (Version-2- July 2010)

Breaking, Informative and Interesting News from Around the World (Version-2- July 2010) Latest News From Around The World This knol’s main purpose is to make note of the breaking and informative news from around the world to the knol community—the authors/visitors and readers. This knol is under Moderated collaborationThe knol authors and readers are invited to contribute to this knol.Please make sure to note the news source at the bottom

News You Can Abuse, Please Do not Sell

A Feedback to a Cover Story of Outlook Weekly News Magazine A response to a cover story published in the popular Indian weekly News Magazine about the present trend of some of the media in India. Vinod Mehta the Chief Editor and his team brought out a vital and serious issue prevailing in the Indian Press/Visual Media. Ariel, P V. News You Can Abuse, Please Do not Sell:A Feedback to

An American Computer Scientist’s New Found Theory on Death: A Christian Perspective

Death: A Christian Perspective Death: The Biggest Breaking News Ever ‘DEATH’ The word itself creates a kind of fear in people. But, here is a breaking news; the media put it as “The Biggest Breaking News Ever!” IN 20 YEARS, SCIENCE MIGHT MAKE IT POSSIBLE TO LIVE FOREVER. What a wonderful revelation. This news item was published in the latest edition of the “The Sunday Indian” newsweekly (the only news

An Interview with Amartya Sen the Noble laureate by Vinod Mehta and Anjali Puri of Outlook News Weekly, New Delhi. Under the title: “I Prefer To Fight

I posted a response to it in the “Have Your Say” Column. Excerpts from the interview… In the 63rd year of Independence, how many cheers would you give Indian democracy? How peculiar that Gandhi should be on the side of Krishna, who made Arjuna fight and kill people. Out of a total of three (laughs)? That was a scale invented by E.M. Forster in Two Cheers for Democracy. I think

Please Don’t Blame Christianity for Everything. A Christian Perspective On Christianity and Its Significance

Don’t Blame It On Christianity   These days Christians and Christianity is blamed by many for each and every untoward incident happening around the world. A Christian writer’s view on the issue… These days Christianity is blamed by many for each and every untoward incident happening around the world. The attacks against Indian students in Australia are one such incident in the recent past. The Australian incident is not a