News! News! News! “Nose for News” Is A Vital Point in Journalism

  Journalism  You must have a Nose for News ! This is the sentence I heard in my first journalism class. What is NEWS? We are flooded with different kinds of news through Radio T V Newspapers, Weeklies, Blogs, Websites and many other internet news medias as well as many other forms of print media. […] Read More

Registry Cleaner Top 5 Questions Answered

Registry Cleaner Top 5 Questions Answered Dear All, I am so glad to introduce yet another young blogger from India to my readers. Vashista Kapoor is not new to Philipscom readers, He is one of the regular visitors and post his wonderful feedback to the articles published on these pages. Computers are an integral part […] Read More

Link Building Technics: An Infographic by Dan Ewah

Link building

Link Building Technics: An Infographic by Dan Ewah Internet Marketing Consultant and Expert In Infographic  Dan Ewah, Reveals Some of the Secrets In Link Building Through This Infographic! Link building is a vital part of blogging and the Technics are different to different people, here in this post he reveals some technics. He wrote an […] Read More

A Thought for the Day Hyderabad City Traffic And A Joke

A Thought  for the Day! Hyderabad  City Traffic And A Joke! Today, while going out to drop my younger son to college, I asked, “Can you put it in one sentence about ‘Hyderabad Traffic.’ ” My son Matphil (now a first year Intermediate student) always has some answer for any question, immediately quipped: Dad, Please […] Read More

Philipscom Blog Review by Naman Kumar of Blogging easier.

Philipscom Blog Review by Naman Kumar of Blogging easier.   Naman Kumar, the young CEO and founder of Blogging easier blog page is offering blog reviews for your pages. I am so glad to present the review he made for my blogger page Philipscom. Though he is a student just completed his 12th class […] Read More

God Is Laughing out Loud!

This is an interesting note I received the other day via WhatsApp And I thought it will give some lighter vein in between our serious weekdays activities. The message I received it in my native language Malayalam and this is a word to word translation of it! The author of this piece (Anon) though it […] Read More

O Is For My Online Friends And Their Comments In April

Hi All, I am so glad to meet you all online again this month. And I am so thankful to you all who visited my page last month and dropped you valuable insights into the pieces I posted here! I continue to solicit your valuable presence again in my page. I assure you that I […] Read More

N is for Nisha Pandey The SEO Blogger

N is for Nisha Pandey The SEO Blogger The next in line in the series is yet another wonderful blogger from India, she is none other than Nisha Pandey the SEO Expert! I met this amazing blogger via a social community platform and as I mentioned in my previous post – M Is for Mi […] Read More



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