Bobby Jindal: My Faith – (An Encounter With Jesus Christ)


Bobby Jindal talks about his journey  from Hinduism to faith in Jesus Christ.

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Jindal & Supriya Jindal
In 2008, Jindal became America’s youngest sitting governor and immediately started making waves reforming government, fighting corruption and trying to prevent the kind of man-made disaster that followed the natural disaster of Hurricane Katrina.
In his new book, Leadership and Crisis, Jindal continues to make waves by taking on the U.S. president and government bureaucracy with a simple challenge: Think like ordinary Americans to seek common-sense solutions, live within their means, and pursue the American dream.
Watch/Listen to the thrilling testimony of Bobby Jindal
God used Bobby Jindal’s best friend to tell about Jesus. God can use you and me too, Let us surrender to Jesus Christ He will definitely use us as instruments for His glory.


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3 thoughts on “Bobby Jindal: My Faith – (An Encounter With Jesus Christ)

  1. Praise the Lord. An encounter with Jesus Christ can make wonders, Bobby Jindal’s testimony is prove enough to this.

    Only Jesus Christ can make changes in the lives of people, May his tribe increase.

    Our Prayers to you Bobby Jindal
    Philips & Fly, Secunderabad, India

  2. Oh, I see.
    This is a very very old post. :-)
    But nice to read it today even after 3-4 years.
    Nice to know about this person and read his journey.
    I do believe in me more than any tribe, I am human.
    But respect every tribe. :-)
    So Carry on and make your knowledge spread everywhere.
    Vashishtha Kapoor

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