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Why Should Bloggers Read A Lot? A Guest Post By Atish Ranjan

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Last updated on November 17, 2016

Dear Readers.

I am so glad to introduce Atish Ranjan, the Co-owner of the famous blog page Tech Tricks World as our Guest Author today.  Apart from Tech Tricks World, he manages three other blog pages along with his day job.  He is an I T professional (A Senior Search Engine Optimization Specialist, in an IT Company).  He generally writes on technical subjects and other SEO SEM SMO related subjects.
After his day job, he spends his free time to manage these blog pages.  Along with his hectic schedule, he always finds time to help fellow bloggers with his timely suggestions and expert advice.  He is an expert in the field of blogging as well as in the field of SEO, SEM, SMO, and WordPress. 

In this guest post, he tells about the importance of reading in the life of a blogger. Yet another expert advice for the bloggers.  I am sure especially the newbies in blogging can pick up some valuable lessons from this post.

I am so thankful to Atish for this wonderful post he offered for Philipscom readers.  You can get in touch with him by visiting the pages and other related links given at the bottom of this page.

Thanks Atish for your valuable time here.

May you have a great and profitable time of activities in the days ahead.

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Read on…

Why should bloggers read a lot?

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You must be reading many write-ups across the web about why should you write daily? How to write blog posts? And many of such kind but I would like to throw some light on the topic “Why should bloggers read a lot?” Yes! You read right, I am sharing this post in which you will get to know why should you or any other bloggers read a lot?

This post is exclusively for bloggers whether newbie or experienced. Though reading is equally beneficial for non-bloggers too!

As a blogger you are always in search of ideas to write your next blog posts but many times you run out of ideas which you can overcome by reading which makes sure that you don’t run out of ideas.
There are many more benefits of reading. Let’s get to know those benefits in detail:

New blog posts ideas

As I mentioned above that bloggers are also humans and they do run out of ideas and they don’t find something to write many times. This situation becomes worse sometimes and can gradually turn into procrastination.

To avoid this situation, you as a blogger should take some steps which help you find blog post ideas easily.

Okay, suppose you are running out of ideas then what should you do? Reading! Yes, Reading! Most of the times it is possible to get great blog post ideas from reading only. I would suggest you to make a promise to yourself that you won’t sleep without reading something every day.

I am a blogger but not a good writer or a thinker, therefore, I always run out of ideas. Even if something I get to write then many of those topics is either not comfortable for me or I already have written on similar topics. In this case, I try reading a lot and believe me most of the times I do get ideas for my new post. Thus I made a habit to read something every day which proved to be quite helpful to me.

Reading doesn’t just mean to read other blogs only rather you should read your older posts and comments too. So make it a habit of reading 2 blog posts every day => 1 post by another blogger + 1 old post on your own blog + comments over these blog posts.

Stay updated and Enhance knowledge

When you make reading a habit you stay updated with the current trends of your niche and along with it you notice that your knowledge gradually increases too.

What should you read?

To keep yourself stay updated try reading the best blogs in your niche, check out Google news, yahoo news, and other news sources on a daily basis. If possible make a habit of reading newspaper as well.

!Just read whatever text you find around you!

Improve Writing skill

At first, it sounds weird that how reading can improve writing skill but actually it does!

When you read different blogs written by different authors and bloggers, you encounter with different styles of writing on each of them. This helps you know the variation of writing and it gives you ideas to write a different kind of content every time.

Human learns the things he sees around him and starts using them naturally in his day to day life. Similarly, when you keep on reading multiple blogs, you naturally learn different styles of writing and these learning become visible in your writing naturally sooner or later.

Improve concentration level

I don’t know if it works for everyone but it did work for me in the past and now as well. Whenever I feel distracted, I try to focus on any of interesting topic and start reading it. As long as I read a few paragraphs, I automatically get too much involved in that post. So it is clear that it improves concentration level.

Make a habit to read at least something daily before you go to sleep and I am sure you will notice an improvement in your concentration level.

Stress Reduction

In this competitive age, there are a lot of things happen every day which makes you tensioned, sad and disheartened but no matter how sad you are? How much stress you have in your head? As long as you start reading a well-written article or novel, it distracts you from those stress and sadness and takes you to a stress-free zone.


You have read a lot of good things and benefits of reading above in this post. So it is clear that reading is amazingly a great habit you should make it today in order to increase your concentration, to improve writing skill, to reduce stress, to stay updated and to get new ideas to write blog posts.
What are you waiting for? Go and read few more articles today! Happy reading!

atish 4Author Bio: Atish Ranjan is a Professional blogger and the Co-owner of  Tech Tricks World.  Apart from Tech Tricks World, he manages three other blog pages and runs a Forum named for Bloggers and Internet users.  He is an I T professional (A Senior Search Engine Optimization Specialist).  He generally writes about technical subjects, reviews, and other SEO SEM SMO related subjects.  You can also reach him via his websites: and  Also Circle him on Google +

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  1. Hi Today I found this wonderful post. Great!! very informative one and its very impressive too!
    i like the way of your writing. thanks for providing this type of information. its very helpful to me :-)
    Thanks for sharing

    March 1, 2015
  2. Kimsea Sok
    Kimsea Sok

    Hi, Philip.
    Usually, I start my comment with “how are you doing today?”
    However, I don’t need this question as we had a nice chat today and I know you’re doing great. :-)
    Thank God!

    Well, I do agree what Atish said in the article. Of course, reading is the basis of self-development and career improvement. And yes, the blogger should improve the habit of reading as it helps a lot in building a mindset for success.

    I don’t know what to comment further, but Atish said it right here. You know? When sucked into no idea for an upcoming topic, I open my email and find some interesting topics from Fortune blogs that I have subscribed.

    I read the article and then the creative juice get into my mind. I jot it down to the text files.

    The most I love about reading is it can enhance my writing and vocabulary. I read the article and note down the words I do not understand then use a dictionary. I try to create some sentences using the new words I learned from my reading.

    Eventually, my writing is now much better, according to myself. :-) :-) :-)

    September 9, 2016
  3. Sherab Tenzin
    Sherab Tenzin

    Hi Atish,

    You have brought reasons to why bloggers, as well as non-bloggers, must inculcate the habit of reading be it either a book or a blog post. Reasons you’ve mentioned are quite known to all yet forgotten by many.

    I can’t agree more. Reading has always been a source of new ideas and start of thought for me as well. When I read, I can not only reach and un-reach and but also helps me remain engaged productively.

    Therefore, I make sure to read at least 5-6 blogs a day, comment in some of them and books at morning. But unlike you, I haven’t developed the habit of reading my old posts. That is indeed a good idea. I think I must start that too.

    Thanks. Keep reading!

    September 9, 2016
  4. Dear Friends,
    Most of my friends wonderful comments/responses to this post is missing!
    Few years back this web page migrated from the previous host we lost a number of comments from the pages,
    I am so sorry to note this. I lost my friends wonderful and encouraging comments.
    I am sure this will not happen again.
    Keep sharing
    May you all have a wonderful day of sharing and caring ahead
    ~ Philip

    November 17, 2016

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