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An Interview with Amartya Sen the Noble laureate by Vinod Mehta and Anjali Puri of Outlook News Weekly, New Delhi. Under the title: “I Prefer To Fight

I posted a response to it in the “Have Your Say” Column. Excerpts from the interview… In the 63rd year of Independence, how many cheers would you give Indian democracy? How peculiar that Gandhi should be on the side of Krishna, who made Arjuna fight and kill people. Out of a total of three (laughs)? That was a scale invented by E.M. Forster in Two Cheers for Democracy. I think

UNITY Learn It From Ants

(A message to My Fellow Beings) Here is a great message or lesson to learn from the insignificant little creatures on earth, “The Ants”. They do everything in unity. But we with our disunity most of the time fails miserably. Let’s learn “UNITY” from them for our good. “Ants’ work in groups, And achieve their goal in unityAlas! Men lack this and fail”. NOTE:Let us have a look at the

A Letter to the Reader's Digest Editor and his reply

Busy editors especially the print media editors never care to send a reply to an ordinary reader’s letter.   This was my assumption all these years.  But here is an exception to that thought.   To my surprise, the other day I received a prompt reply from a world famous editor of Readers Digest. This is indeed an amazing thing to me, a very busy person took the time to reply to

A Feedback to The Week Weekly- on their Cover Feature Dated August 9th 2009

Few days back posted a response to the week weekly’s cover feature titled “Most desirable Married Men. Pl. read.. Apropos the cover story “Most desirable Married Men” (August 9 2009) made an interesting read. At a time when some of our women flocks are involved in all kinds of forbidden acts as said in the story’s intro, it’s unfortunate to note that many of our women flocks are gazing at

My Comment In India Today Web site and a response.

A letter received from a reader in response to my letter published in India Today website, for the reference I am publishing the same here below: NOTE: The Hindu daily also published a portion of my view on today’s Letters to the Editor Column. My comment: There is not doubt that Sharuk Khan episode in US is an unfortunate one, but the way in which our minister reacted to it

Insight India Mum on My Response Letter

A letter was written a few months back to a Christian Publication in response to their editorial, But alas! when the truth is revealed through my letter the organization itself kept silent and not responded to my response letter. There may be reason best known to them, thus this publication of the said letter through this blog. Dear Bros, This is in reference to the note ” from the Publisher’s

Please Don’t Blame Christianity for Everything. A Christian Perspective On Christianity and Its Significance

Don’t Blame It On Christianity   These days Christians and Christianity is blamed by many for each and every untoward incident happening around the world. A Christian writer’s view on the issue… These days Christianity is blamed by many for each and every untoward incident happening around the world. The attacks against Indian students in Australia are one such incident in the recent past. The Australian incident is not a

Why God Placed Us on This Earth?

Why God Placed Us on This Earth? Why are we on earth? With a great purpose- God placed us here to worship Him. NOTE: The very purpose of God’s creation – You and Me is to worship Him. The very existence of our life on this earth is fully depended only on His mercy. He is the ONLY one to receive whole glory and honor. As long as we live

Honor Your Father and Mother (A Timely Warning to the Young Generation)

Honor Your Father and Mother (A Timely Warning to the Young Generation) An unedited summary of a message delivered by the author recently at a special gathering of Christian friends. In Japan, a company is offering actors to play the part of family members. The actors will visit elderly parents as surrogates for the real family members. In Oakland, California, 62-year old man who could neither walk nor talk was

Do You Want to Live Long? Here is a Clue!

While browsing through the net I stopped at that interesting news item. “A Good News” “Do you want to live longer? Immediately go for a second marriage, it increases your longevity.” The news further stated, “believe it or not this new theory is the result of a longtime scientific research.” I got up from my computer chair with full of enthusiasm and vigor rushed towards the kitchen where my wife

Job Hopper Here is an Interesting Story

An Interview with a Job Hopper: Some, rather most, organizations reject his CV  because he has changed jobs frequently (10 in 14 years). My friend, the ‘job hopper’ (referred here as Mr. JH), does not mind it…. well he does not need to mind it at all. Having worked full-time with 10 companies in just 14 years gives Mr. JH the relaxing edge that most of the ‘company loyal’ employees are

A Response to an Editorial Written by Arindam Chaudhuri, Editor-in-Chief, the Sunday Indian News Weekly on American President Barak Obama's Few Months

(A Response to an Editorial) A feedback to the editorial written by Prof. Arindam Chaudhuri American President Barak Obama’s 100 days rule and its aftermath and some valuable suggestion or advice to the President on throne. This is a feedback to that e Apropos the editorial “Mr. Obama, I appreciate you, for you have again proven that unlike your predecessor, you are receptive to change and don’t stick to irrational