Are You A New Blogger? Do You Want To Standout Online? Then This Is For YOU!!

Are You A New Blogger? Do You Want To Standout Online? Then This Is For YOU!!

How to Grow ,,, Adam

Picture Credit: Adam Connell

New bloggers generally worry about their posts’ acceptability in the blogosphere as well as their online presence  or say being in the ocean of World Wide Web!

Of course, this worry is not a new thing!  

Take for instance, in any case, everyone wants to be on top of the list, even the bloggers want to be in the forefront.   But it’s not an easy task, it needs a lot of hard work, passion, and vision. 

Even the well-established pro bloggers too faced or underwent such situation in their blogging life. 

Especially the new bloggers are much worried about this issue, and even some quit blogging just by this fear.  But there are many ways to overcome such situation.  Many experts shared such situation and how they faced or overcome them through their blog posts.

Here is a blog post I just come across today on this issue.  In this post by the famous blogger Adam Connel the founder of “Blogging Wizard” gathered some of the famous bloggers and their tips on how to grow or show our  online-presence.

He asked the following question to 43 experts from different fields.

The BIG Question was:  “If you could give one piece of advice to bloggers that would help them grow their online presence or just stand out online, what would it be?

43 famous blogging personalities shared their piece of advice to the blogging community to enhance their presence in the internet world.

Adam  says in his post and I quote:

“I have assembled a group of incredible blogging, marketing, and social media experts with the aim of giving a single piece of advice that could make a huge difference to your online presence.  And, ultimately help you stand out and get more eyeballs on your content.”

The tips of each one stand apart from each other.  These different pieces of advice and suggestions are indeed worth noting to follow to be in the forefront. 🙂

I am so glad to re-share this news to my fellow bloggers and my visitors here. 🙂

To meet Adam and his guests,  please click on the below link:

“Blogging Wizard”

Even the well-established pro bloggers too faced or underwent such situation in their blogging life. Click To Tweet

Thanks to all who visited this page. Please share your views in this regard through the comment box.


May you all have a wonderful and profitable time of blogging ahead!!


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Philip Verghese ‘Ariel’


If you could give one piece of advice to bloggers to grow their presence online, what would it be? Click To Tweet



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  1. Hi Philip Sir,
    There are a lot of blogging communities available now.
    So it si very easy to solve all problems related to blogging for newbies…
    This article really motivates newbies….
    Thank you for this informative post.
    ~ Sreenath

  2. Hello Philip,
    Here you are correct when new bloggers come there are many problems as Adam said but nowadays there are so many experienced bloggers out there, to guide him. Also, I inspire from reading your post and remember my past when I was a newbie in blogging.

  3. Hey Philip,
    Happy to be here today on your page today!
    Just amazing and interested information here you said.
    blogging is indeed a time consuming and a tedious job.
    How you manage is important, I really surprised to see
    how you are managing all these, the multi lingual activites!
    Amazing indeed.
    Thanx for sharing these nice information.
    I also think about new bloggers in this regard.
    Keep going
    All good wishes
    ~ Savya

  4. Excellent article. Thanks for sharing this informative informaion.seo is the most important factor for any success in blogging. You have shared some important timformation. It will help me very much to do better for my blog.

  5. Hii Philip ….
    That’s for the impressive article for a beginner blogger.. I’m also a beginner blogger and it’s very useful for me…. thanks a lot…

  6. Indeed great stuff!!!!!!!
    Really impressed…
    Enjoyed a lot by reading it!
    Could picked and learned a lot.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Will bookmark and share this point of information to friends around via my social media!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Thanks, Sir … I am a new blogger and really so glad to read this wonderful and great share.
    Indeed this is a motivational article. Could learn a lot of things from this post.
    Thanks again for sharing this
    –Suraj Kumar

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