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Advertising Opportunities For All On Philipscom Associates (Revised Rates)

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Last updated on May 19, 2022

Amazing Online Advertising Opportunities For All! 

Amazing advertising opportunities on the pages of Philipscom pages.  Philipscom receives thousands of targeted unique visitors every day.

It has a high rank in Google and other top search engines.

Check out our latest Ranks: MozRank and Alexa Rank.

Also please check out our revised ad rates.

Advertising Opportunities on Philipscom –  Sponsored Posts:

Philipscom accepts Sponsored posts from individuals as well as organizations’ subjects to verification.

We can also create sponsored content and reviews about your products and resources.

For more details in this regard, please contact Philipscom via our contact form  Or via email id or phone, Skype, given at the bottom of this post.

Once published your posts are on these pages, they will be tremendously promoted through our vast social networks by our team members.

We have accounts on all major social networks, forums, groups, I M Platforms having huge followers.

We will also share your post on our Facebook pages (we have 3 different accounts which now almost nearing the Facebook limit of 5,000 on all three accounts.)

Apart from this, we have our own fan page and groups and forums which are maintained by the Philipscom team.  We will be sharing these sponsored posts on all these pages with attractive notes and images.​

The Philipscom team will be tweeting the post on our different Twitter accounts.  Some of our Twitter handles are @PVAriel @philva6 @Annphil etc.  This will be done on a daily basis keeping a time gap every day by the associates of Philipscom.

These posts will also be curated on some of the top Internet Marketing platforms, directories like Alltop, Inbound, IndiBlogger, Growthhackers, Bizsugar, Klinkk, AhaNOW, Kingged, PAC, and various other content curating platforms.

These posts’ notifications will find a place on our other websites on as well as other web pages we own.

Philipscom Advertising Opportunities are One of a kind!

Apart from this, such sponsored/reviews/guest posts will be highlighted (pinned) on our fan page, Philipscom Facebook Groups –Philipscom and Twitter pages – Philva6  Annphil, etc.  

These highlighted features will remain on top of Philipscom’s major pages for one week and intermittently this process is repeated on a daily basis.


Advertising Opportunities on Philipscom


Philipscom accepts Sponsored posts from individuals as well as organizations subject to verification. Click To Tweet

Advertising Opportunities on Philipscom

Advertising Opportunities on Philipscom – Our Advertising Tariff

Banner Ads.

The following are some of the options for different solutions.

HEADER RIGHT-Instant Clicks
728×90 · Top Right · $250.00 / 30 days
125×125 · Bottom Right · $75.00 / 30 days
300×250 · Center · $100.00 / 30 days
TOP FOOTER-Below Comm.Form
728×90 · Bottom Center · $80.00 / 30 days
TOP SIDEBAR 300×250 – Best
300×250 · Top Right · $150.00 / 30 days
300×250 · Middle Right · $150.00 / 30 days

Sponsor reviews and sponsor posts we accept which suits our blog niche at a reasonable rate:  

Sponsor Post and Sponsor Review Cost – $350

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  1. Also Please Read This Post (My Answer To A Question Related To This Subject)

Sponsored posts will appear one post a week.

Please contact me with your blog relàted business needs, we can have a negotiable discussion on these matters if you are interested to have good and profitable business relations with Philipscom.

You can reach me via my email id: OR

philipscom55 At Gmail Dot Com

Can also reach me via Skype: Philva6 Mobile: +91 9700882768

Thanks again for your valuable time.

For Philipscom Associates.

Philip Verghese Ariel


Dear Readers, Your Attention Please!

Thank you so much for your valuable time.

I appreciate and love your feedback/comments!
 I accept feedback from my readers and often I do reciprocate.
Your feedback negative or positive, I would like to hear from you.
But there is a slight restriction/rule in this regard.
Please read our comment policy before you make a comment,
otherwise, you may miss the mark and your comments may not get approved!
So please do share your views in the comment box keeping the comment policy of Philipscom.

In short, Philipscom will not approve comments that

 1.  Are One word or one line.
2.  Are abusive, intimidating, threatening or inflammatory
3.  Make offensive generalizations
4.  Ramble without a point
5.  Use offensive or insensitive language
6.  typed all in CAPITAL Letters.
7.  typed in a language other than English
8.  Are irrelevant to the post in question
9.  Contain self-promotional materials or links
10.  Give unnecessary, advice to Philipscom
Philipscom also reserves the right to edit comments or to remove material that does not conform to our comment policy.
If time permits please do visit this post related to blogcomments.

This post first appeared on Philipscom


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