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A Brief Write-up About A Song Writer Philip Verghese Ariel

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Last updated on June 28, 2020

A write-up about a songwriter. This post is a brief free translation of the Malayalam write-up published on these columns.

Background to the song “Marthyarin avayshyam enthenaarinjavan” composed by Philip Varghese “Ariel”, Secunderabad

Excerpt from the book – “Origin of Spiritual Songs” written and compiled by journalist and editor Jijo Angamally; published by Sathyam Publications, Thiruvalla.

The song is set to the tune of another ​famous ​Malayalam song ​of Mahakavi K V Simon, ​“Vanjithamarullidum”.

The song is published in the Athmeeyageethanagal Song Book under song no. 1020. (15th Edition)




Write-up About A Song Writer
The songwriter Bro. Philip Varghese was born on 22nd June 1955 to Bro. P T Varghese and Sis. Saramma Varghese.
His father was originally from Chengannur from a family by name Padinjare Cheruvil. They settled as a family in Pulikeezhu (Valajavattam) with his father’s employment there.
His childhood and godly upbringing were by the encouragement and under the discipline of his godly parents.
About A Song Writer

At the age of fifteen (28/05/1970) at a children’s camp in Cheriyanad, Mavelikara he received the Lord and in the month of May 15, 1974, he testified about the Lord in the waters of baptism. Thereafter he continued in active fellowship with the saints at Pulikeezhu Brethren Assembly.

Thereafter for his employment, he moved to Secunderabad and also continued his studies.​  He took his degree in Arts and also has a post-graduate diploma in Journalism.

From an early age, he had an interest in reading books. He stepped into the world of words by reading the books in the home library​  by the encouragement of his grandmother (Pappalil Saramma Thomman) who was one of the first members of the Pothanicadu Assembly​, ​and the constant encouragement of his eldest sister Rosamma​.

As the habit of reading increased, in his seventh grade he got the inspiration to write. In private, what started as story writing soon progressed into the composition of poems.

He used to sing songs loudly in his home after having written down these songs. His father and the loving believers in the assembly identified and encouraged his talent.

There was an evangelist called Aleyamma Sanyasini who encouraged and directed him. Even then the first poem saw ink to paper in the year 1977.

The late M E Cherian, late T K Samuel, and Bro. Charles John gave important directions and corrections in making his song composition better.

Notable encouragement was also given by Alexander Kurian, Joy Pampady, Kunjumon Chacko, Paulose Thudian, and ​P. M. Joseph.

His first composition, as a child, was titled “Creator” which further resulted in over sixty songs and poems.

It was in the watches of the night that most of the compositions took birth. His composition style takes inspiration from the works of famous songwriters.

By singing their works repeatedly, and from those tunes he would get the inspiration for his lines. This composition would then be sung again, with a final touch being given with metre and harmony.

He chose the pen-name “Ariel” which means ​”Lion​ of God‘ ​ in Hebrew. The background to many of his songs came through the assurance he got from the ​Word during the testing times in his life. He was the associate editor of magazines such as Gujarat based ‘Santosha Dhwani’ and ​P M Joseph’s ‘Kristi​y​ani’ and also contributed articles as the writer​ and reporter​ from Secunderabad for magazine publications – Brethren Voice, Unatha Dhwani, Suvisesha Dhwani, Marupacha, and Dialogue.
About A Song Writer

He was part of the Back to the Bible ministry in various capacities for the last fifteen years. Primarily, in their publishing ​wing​ and as the associate editor of their magazine Confident Living. In 2015 he retired from his official duties.

He married Sis. Annamma (Omana) on 22nd May 1986. She is the sister of late M M Mathew who served the Lord in Nasik, Maharashtra. She is from Mannarathara. They are blessed with two children – Charles and Mathew.

He has also composed​ several​ ​songs that explain the ​gospel​.  He composed the song​ when he was meditating the sufferings of the Son of God.​  The song, Marthyarin avayshyam enthenu arinju avan, was composed out of the hope that the Lord will return and take him to be with him. It is to the tune of Mahakavi K V Simon’s song Vanchitham arulidum.

This free translation from Malayalam to the English Language is done by Lenin And Anu
Read one of his Guest Contribution to Philipscom Associates

Lenin JohnAuthor Bio: Lenin John is a banking professional with over a decade of experience in Banking Operations & Technology. He has interests in biblical interpretation, photography & calligraphy. He lives in Hyderabad with his wife and two sons. You can reach him via his blog PilgrimBlogger


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    Glad to know about your hidden talents . Congratulations.May God help you to use your talents for the glory of His Kingdom .

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    • Thank you dear brother for the kind words.
      I appreciate your time. It means a lot to me.
      May God Bless ❣️🙏🙏

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