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The worst flood disaster in decades – Kerala needs your URGENT HELP

Posted in Current Affairs, General, India, and Kerala

Last updated on August 22, 2018. Kerala needs your URGENT HELP!  The worst flood disaster in decades. Dear friends, Please listen, take a couple of minutes and read the following few…

G Is For God’s Own Country – Kerala, My Native Land – A Photo Feature

Posted in A to Z Blog Challenge 2014, and Photography

Some Scenes From My Native Land Kerala- The God’s Own Country” Kerala-back-waters Credit Mushrooms growing in a Kerala  forest                    …

Some Delighting, Amazing And Unknown Facts About My Native Land—Kerala—Commonly Called or Known as “God’s Own Country”

Posted in Environment, and India

This Video Talks and Shows Volumes About My Native Land KERALA. Have a Look At It. Thanks for visiting.   Some of the Facts Mentioned in this video. Kerala’s Literacy…

J is for Jerusalem And Jesus Christ. The Holy City for Jews, Christians, and Muslims

Posted in A to Z Blog Challenge, and Biblical/Religious

J is for Jerusalem And Jesus Christ Jerusalem:  The Holy City for Jews, Christians, and Muslims.   J is for Jerusalem And Jesus Christ.  This post is my contribution post for…

Christianity. A Christian Perspective On Christianity And Its Significance

Posted in Biblical/Religious, Current Affairs, and Letters/Feedback

Don’t Blame It On Christianity.  A Christian Perspective on Christianity                     Christianity a Christian perspective. These days Christians and Christianity are…

Coronavirus Or Covid- 19 The Pandemic Few Shocking Information To Know

Posted in Breaking News, Coronavirus Or COVID- 19, and Current Affairs

Coronavirus Or COVID- 19 The Pandemic Few Vital Information To Know   After the outbreak of Coronavirus Or COVID- 19, the world over is under the grip of great fear. …

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