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These days we are getting a number of guest posts and sponsored posts enquires in our inbox.   It is high time that we need to bring out our Guest posts and sponsored posts policy.  Thus we created this post, a new guest post and sponsored posts (advertisement) policy for our readers/Associates. We appreciate your interest in Philipscom Associates as a place to share your expertise through guest posts and sponsored

Inimitableimpact of the Bible

The Inimitable Impact Of the Bible – A Guest Post by Thomson B Thomas In the Greek, in which the New Testament was first written, the title for the Bible is ‘Ta Biblia’ which means ‘The Books’. It is a compendium of 66 books written in various situations, by different men from varied backgrounds and strata in society.   Yet all these books come from the same source, God Himself. The

Snacking Motivation

Different Necessary Snacking Motivation Factors To Know All diet or food intakes are based on nutrition policy. This is an important aspect that not only an individual but also the governments are concerned about. It is, for this reason, you will find that there are different dietary guidelines issued. These guidelines are designed with the intent to make people eat foods that will keep them healthy.  In this post, we

successful blog

Last updated on January 31, 2019. I am so glad to introduce a renowned pro blogger from the world of blogging to the readers of Philipscom.  Erik Emanuelli of Passive is a well-known entrepreneur and an Internet Marketer.  You can read more about this amazing writer in the Author Bio given at the bottom of this post. I am happy to note that this post is a must read

Philipscom comment authors

Last updated on January 10, 2019. Adding Your Picture To WordPress Blog Comments Helps Brand You (A Guest Post by Chery Schmidt) I am so glad to welcome and introduce my Guest Author Chery Schmidt to my readers. She is a well-known author and a professional full-time blogger/Global Entrepreneur who is Passionate about Helping Average People To Build Their Business. This is a Guest Post written by Chery on my

Teaching Our Children

2019: Teaching Our Children – A Guest Post By Jaime Buckley  New Year Greetings to all our readers and contributors on the eve of 2019. In fact, for Philipscom, this year starts with a different note!  An Inspirational Post! A few days back while chatting with one of my longtime online friends and a renowned writer Jaime Buckley (Read more about him in the author bio) I requested him to contribute

30 Smart Ways to Write Traffic-Puller Blog Posts - A Guest Post By Nisha Pandey

Last updated on July 30, 2018. 30 Smart Ways to Write Traffic-Puller Blog Posts – A Guest Post By Nisha Pandey Dear All, I am so glad to introduce Nisha Pandey, our guest writer today.  She needs no introduction to Philipscom readers.  She is an SEO expert blogger and the founder of  She writes on various SEO related subjects along with social media, technology, etc.  Here in this informative

It’s Time To Change - A Guest Post by Jaco Alberts

Last updated on January 2, 2018 It’s Time to Change – A Guest Post by Jaco Alberts Greetings to all, I am so glad to be here again on the eve of yet another New Year. Whenever I talk about my blogging, I used to say about my blogging friends spread all over the world.  I met a good number of amazing friends over the years on my blogging journey!  “Yes,

5 Android Apps to Help You Stay Organized - A Guest Post

  5 Android Apps to Help You Stay Organized – A Guest Post Dear All, I am happy to introduce yet another wonderful writer from the world of World Wide Web. Today’s Guest Author is Isa Cox from SecuraThoughts, she is a well established technical writer who often writes about the latest technology and on-line security. In this Guest post Isa writes about some of the necessary Apps which helps

10 Top Security Tips For Bloggers - A Guest Post By Cassie Phillips

Last updated on October 26, 2017 Dear Philipscom Readers, I am so glad to be here at Philipscom, and I’d like to thank Philip Verghese ‘Ariel’ for kindly allowing me to share this information with you! His blog is a great place to read about a variety of topics from an intelligent and interesting perspective. Bloggers can’t miss his recent article on the speed of your webpage Whether you’re a

List building on Your Blog - A Guest Post By Donna Merrill

Last updated on July 17, 2018. List building on Your Blog A Guest Post By Donna I’m so glad to introduce Donna Merrill my Guest Author today. I’ve known Donna for quite a while now, she has been a long time pro blogger who always gives such great information to her readers. I visit her blog at DONNAMERRILTRIB.COM every chance I get to stay up to date on the cutting