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Our Roundup Post -130+ Online Experts Share their Secrets – Is Live On The Pages Of The Huffington Post

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Last Updated On: August 14, 2019 Roundup Post! Yet Another Good News The Day After The BIG DAY! And A Thank You Note! Yes, the much-awaited post, the latest Roundup…

Roundup Posts are a big turning point in the blogging world. ബ്ലോഗ്‌ ഉലകത്തിൽ   വഴിത്തിരിവായി റൗണ്ടപ്പ് പോസ്റ്റുകൾ 

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Picture Source: Gulf Malayalam News Roundup Posts are a big turning point in the blogging world.  This post is a write-up I wrote on the pages of  “Gulf Malayalam News”…

A Roundup Post, Few Thoughts And An Invitation – ഒരു റൌണ്ട് അപ്പ്‌ പോസ്റ്റും ചില ചിന്തകളും ഒരു അറിയിപ്പും

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ഒരു റൌണ്ട് അപ്പ്‌ പോസ്റ്റും ചില ചിന്തകളും ഒരു ക്ഷണവും  – A Roundup Post, Few Thoughts, And An Invitation This is an invitation note made to the Malayalam Readers and bloggers. I am…

Philipscom Associates New Policy On Guest Posts and Sponsored Posts

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This post, “Guest Posts And Sponsored Posts” is published for the guest post seekers of Philipscom.

These days we are getting a number of guest posts and sponsored posts enquires in our inbox.

This may be due to the high traffic and the increase in Alexa Rank and Domain Authority of our website,
We receive a minimum of 5 to 10  email requests on a daily basis from the guest blog contributors from authors around the world.
It is interesting to note that most of them are strangers to me and never visited my websites, or commented.  They drop a well-crafted letter to convince me to accept a free post on these spaces.
Another sad thing to note that some of them are written in a haphazard way and most often our editorial team just rejects such content.

It is high time that we need to bring out our Guest posts and sponsored posts policy.

Thus this post, a new guest post, and sponsored posts (advertisement) policy for the benefits of our readers and associates.

Mental Patient An Updated Story. ചിത്തരോഗി – പുനപ്രതിഷ്ഠ നടത്തിയ ഒരു കഥ

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Write-up About A Song Writer Philip Verghese Secunderabad by Jijo Angamally

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A Brief Write-up About A Song Writer Philip Verghese, A Write-up About A Song Writer written by the famous journalist and editor Jijo Angamaly, published in a book “Gaanolpathi” (ഗാനോല്‍പ്പത്തി)…

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