6 Social Media Behaviors You Need To Avoid

6 Social Media Behaviors You Need To Avoid

Last updated on October 18, 2018

The number of social media users are alarmingly increasing every year.  The coming years will mark a tremendous increase in its users.  The latest report says that Facebook itself added a hundred million users in a quarter.  Check out the latest position of  Facebook

Facebook is facing various troubles these days due to its incapability to stop or control various unwanted notifications, messages from extremists, pornography videos and many fake news etc are flashing through its pages.

Still, it is occupying the number one position among all social media.  Read more about its founder Mark Zukerberg and the further developments he made with his venture.

No doubt whatever situation they face it’s going to stay here for years.  That is the popularity it brought out from its inception and the trend is growing day by day.

In short social media and its user’s activities are growing tremendously, and there is no age limit for its users’.  Everyone young and old is utilizing it for their maximum benefits in their different fields.

Everyone young and old is utilizing it for their maximum benefits in their different fields.

In such a situation it is a must for any business small medium or big to involve with it.  Yes, Social media can play a vital role in boosting your business prospects.

In such a situation it is a must for any business, (small medium or big) to involve with it.

I doubt is there any business org who are not using or utilizing this potential area for their business purposes.

I am sure one way or the other all will be using it for their business promotions.

Social media can play a vital role in boosting your business prospects.

Yes, Social media can play a vital role in boosting your business prospects.

Your business activities projection can easily be done via social media, and in such a situation, one needs to know the correct usage or application of these platforms.  otherwise one needs to face some kind of dangerous situations.

In this Infographic the author brings out 6 such important behaviors one need to avoid.

This caution is noted by one and all for getting the maximum benefits.

If you miss this mark you may not achieve the desired results and ultimately everything will go in vain.

Social media can play a vital role in boosting your business prospects. Click To Tweet

This caution should be taken seriously otherwise we may not be getting the maximum benefits from its use.

If you miss this mark you may not achieve the desired results in using this media.

Check out these 6 avoidable mistakes or behaviors while you use the social media for your business promotions.

This wonderful infographic is developed by CJG Digital Marketing Company.

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6 Social Media Behaviors to Avoid in 2017 (Infographic) - An Infographic from CJG Digital Marketing


<img src=”http://cjgdigitalmarketing.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/6_Social_Media_Behaviors_to_Avoid_in_2017-01.png” alt=”6 Social Media Behaviors to Avoid in 2017 (Infographic) – An Infographic from CJG Digital Marketing” width=”100%” class=”infographic_embedder” />
<div class=”infographic_attr”><p>Embedded from <a href=”http://cjgdigitalmarketing.com/6-social-media-behaviors-to-avoid-in-2017/” target=”_blank”>CJG Digital Marketing</a></p></div>

Embedded from CJG Digital Marketing

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Published on: May 24, 2017 @ 02:48

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  1. It would seem that much of this would be common sense, yet I can see how one can lose track of just how much they have put out there. I’ve been very successful managing our church’s Facebook page. I keep it simple with just a verse, or an encouraging image every day or two with a few updates from ministries we support thrown in from time to time. Also post community events the church hosts.


  2. Hi Philip. That’s a fascinating infographic. Would have taken 10 pages to write this much in text, and this is far easier to read and remember also. It’s true that social media usage is going up exponentially. With thousands of followers, you rarely get to see anything good in your feed. I also like how you added that sharing code at the end of the post, so others can use the infographic and you benefit from the attribution. Good post, and interesting read, as always.


  3. Hello, Philip Sir!

    Thanks for sharing the infographic with us. I’m quite happy to see the #6 point. A lot of people in blogosphere especially from our part of the world think that not replying to the messages/emails means you’re a professional. That’s insane.

    Nowadays, influencers are focusing on communicating with the followers and recommending it to everyone.

    By the way, I liked the infographic. Thanks for sharing with us.


  4. That’s a nice infographic and really a fun read ..good one Philip..


  5. #6 is huge Phil. Gotta respond to messages on social in a timely fashion. 1 day normally but if you respond in hours things will take off for you. Smart tips!



    1. Hi Ryan,
      Thanks for your valuable visit, yes, #6 is really wonderful!
      `Yes, I fully agree with you Ryan, our response to the feedback should not be delayed.
      If delayed things will be out of hand, knowing this sometimes I make this mistake often due to various pressure.
      It is really great to respond to our readers’ responses, in fact, they are our real readers. I am sure this category often belongs to our fellow bloggers. They are the real comment authors, most of the time instead of responding to their feedback i visit their pages, read and drop a comment, this way I reciprocate. I am sure you to do the same.
      Thanks Ryan for adding more value to this post with your feedback.
      Keep sharing.
      Have a great Sunday.


  6. I adore social media and feel that you bring up very good points here. You can not be too quiet or too chatty. There is a perfect medium. Each audience has a unique one.


  7. Hi Philip,
    I loved the infographic! I’m wondering what tool you used and if it’s free. I could relate to some of the tips. For example, it made me want to run off and respond to messages!


  8. Hi Philip,
    Enjoyed your article on social media behaviors. The infographic was very good. Being too quiet as well as being irrelevant and annoying forces your social media accounts into
    obscurity. I agree with that and social means being social, answering messages, building relationships. The best to you!


  9. I’d make a dreadful job of trying to write in “millennial speak” on social media. It’s not just the newer slang words but many of the acronyms I don’t understand. Despite being online so long I haven’t progressed much past “LOL” :-)

    It’s good to see that even the top brands are now offering more value on social media rather than pure promotion.


  10. It is true that social media is a tool for business that require moderation from an individual so that she can achieved the desired goal.


  11. hee..hee these are like the essentials things that we need to avoid great


  12. It is true that social media is a tool for business that requires moderation from an individual so that anyone can achieve the desired goal.


  13. Thanks for your useful informative Infographic post its very innovative thanks for sharing


  14. A lot of great points. You have to think of the end users experience. Annoying useless info and tweets just add to the already noisy atmosphere vying for people’s attention. Also, this takes up more of your time that you could be effectively using somewhere else.


  15. Hi Philip,

    This is one of the best post I have ever read about social media and I must express what I feel about social media this day. Although it call social media but most people have turned it to a platform for sharing personal problems and rely on people’s comment to take decision which is never a good way to live a charismatic live and a live worth emulation. Supposing there is no social network where would those people shared their problems? On the thin air or where? This post need go viral to help people restructure their mind set about social media and the best way to use it.


  16. I really love to read your blog as well as the examples that you’ve mention. Thank you so much for this helpful contents. I am looking forward to see more example contents like this.If you have time you can also visit this site that I managed to surf in digital marketing field one of my client best digital marketing company in Udaipur ,India


  17. What a great read. Social media can be a useful tool or a detriment depending on how you use it. It’s easy to understand how end users will get turned off by some of the points you made!


  18. Tons of solid information here. Definitely, Social Media can be useful in a certain way but no doubt can also be very harmful if not utilized properly.
    Thanks for sharing these useful social media behaviors tips.
    Keep sharing


  19. Hi philip,
    I really like this content. And the points that you have discussed here is obivious to avoid. Like you told its help business prospects and helpful for branding. Very much helpful for good social media strategy.


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