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10 Ways To Generate Lead By Adding Unique Content

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Last updated on June 4, 2019

Generate Lead

Generate Lead By Adding Unique Content

The whole process to generate lead is tough, especially when you depend on traditional lead generation tactics.  For instance, a customer, who may be sitting down to dinner and gets a call asking them about their kitchen appliance preferences, won’t be happy to accept this call.

This is an extremely frustrating method of customer-generated marketing, mostly for the customer. Therefore, you need to focus your content through other lead generation ideas to reach your customer base.

The process of attracting and transforming strangers into entities that indicate interest in your company’s service or product is called lead generation.

Before that, let’s glance at what lead in content marketing means. Content is the base of lead nurturing and lead generation efforts.

Marketers depend on content to appeal to customers and engage prospects in the buyer landscape of today. It should help leads achieve their goals and overcome challenges.

If you’re successful, leads will come to you and you’ll gain the customer’s trust.

The Need For Lead Generation Content

In today’s SEO scenario, there’s a massive demand from users for content for qualified lead generation. Content is king no matter what your business model is, and right now, many businesses are turning towards blogging for most of B2B and B2C marketing needs.

WebDAM did a study on this phenomenon and noticed that B2B marketers who blog are generating 67% more leads than marketers that do blog.

Ways to Generate Lead with Content

Generate leadsWhen you have your team in place, roll up your sleeves and start documenting the whole process as you sit down to generate marketing ideas. Here are ten tips to generate lead ideas:

1.  Know Your Audience

Before you can use creative ways to generate leads, you need to identify your audience. You will need to conduct market research and build buyer personas.

As marketing guru Neil Patel says, the most effective way to crack your audience’s real wants and needs is to turn to commercial keywords. For this, Google’s Adwords Keywords Planner is super-efficient.

Next comes the buyer persona, which is a representation of your ideal customer. The purpose of the development of buyer persona is to help figure out the style, tone and type of content you will create.

It also plays a massive role in choosing channels of content delivery later in campaigns.

2.  Create Interesting Content

For qualified lead generation, inbound marketing is the best lead generation step. The customer actively looks for solutions to problems that you offer answers to.

The difficult part is giving enough value that trumps over your competition. One way to win customers over is through consistently publishing perfect contents. Then, when you publish more, optimize the content.

3.  Map the Journey of Your Customer

A buyer persona is half of the plan; the other half is the planning of your customer’s journey. If this sounds new to you, you’re not the only one in the dark. Only 39% of marketers in 2014 were confident they understood the customer journey.

Mostly, the customer journey map allows you to fully grasp the process customers go through when considering your service or products.

4.  Decide the Content to be Created

Lead generation content can be varied and choosing one without careful consideration is the surest way to fail a campaign. According to TechValidate, the following content type do well if lead generation ideas are your main agenda:

Customer testimonials

Case studies

White papers

To further set yourself apart, consider a content upgrade. This approach is effective if you already have a content library. Apply analytic tools, understand which content gets the highest traffic and then develop extra resources tagged with your most popular content.

5.  Design an Attractive Landing Page

Once the content has been crafted to provide to your customers, creating a landing page is next on the agenda surely. It serves as the gateway for building relationships with your customers through the content offered. Here are some features that set a high-converting landing page apart from other dull ones:

  • A compelling headline
  • Succinct, strong copy
  • A clear call-to-action
  • Memorable images or short video
  • Social proof (subscriber number, testimonials, etc.)                                                                                              Also Read:  How to generate sales leads – the complete step-by-step guide             
  • 6.  Promote Content

When the time comes to introduce your content to the world, you can opt for a variety of creative     marketing giveaways, such as:

  • Influencer Marketing
  • Identify your niche influencers and build a relationship with them by commenting on their blogs or retweeting.
  • Syndication
  • YouTube uploads and Medium publishing are good examples of content promotion through syndication, which is a smart way to keep traffic coming your way during the initial stages of a campaign.
  • Paid
  • If your lead generation needs instant results, then paid traffic is a substitute. The most effective method of using this method is to show your customers the way to informative content.
  • 7. Establish Useful Conversion Paths

Establishing paths of conversion helps secure customers to reach your landing page. These lead generation activities can be broken down into the following parts:

  • Call-to-action
  • A Thank You page
  • Follow-up email
  • 8. Explore Sources of Traffic

When you explore what your traffic source is, you can further develop channels to better reach your customers.

Social media is a great way to reach customers and gain this knowledge at the same time. You can engage them on social media and build on their brand loyalty from there.

It will also help in selecting the right channel for future generation marketing. And the best part about all this? It’s mostly free!

9.  Optimize Landing Pages

Create amazing landing pages is a great way to improve lead generation. With proper architecture, they are extremely useful. The landing page needs to be strong that speaks to customer’s desires, fears and needs. Also, provide proof of your socials early and keep your designs constant.

10.  Develop Attractive Lead Magnets

Lead magnets attract the site visitor into giving identifying information by providing a useful gift like eBooks, checklists, etc. There are 2 important things to remember when developing your lead magnet: it needs to be irresistible and it has to be specific.

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When you generate lead with content you attract traffic, you get tools to convert leads, you get to nurture those leads and you get to turn customers through these leads into brand promoters.

At the end of the day, lead generation methods should be about your customer and not all about you. When you use content to generate a lead, make it into something useful for your customers.

For instance, a mortgage company should stop only talking about mortgage, instead, talk about home decor, remodeling on a budget and so on.

Therefore, the main thing about lead in Content Marketing is to stop talking about yourself for some time and seeing how that affects your rates of lead generation.

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