Our Roundup Post -130+ Online Experts Share their Secrets – Is Live On The Pages Of The Huffington Post

Last Updated On: July 30, 2016

Pic Courtesy The Huffington Post

#Roundup post, Image Source The Huffington Post

Roundup Post! Yet Another Good News The Day After The BIG DAY! And A Thank You Note!

Yes, the much-awaited post, the latest Roundup post of Philipscom  130+ Online Experts Share their Sleep and Productivity Secrets  is now live on the pages of ” The Huffington Post ” in two-part series. The links are given below:


This is a Thank you note to all my online friends who responded to my invite to join me in this massive post as well as the one who helped me in making this post a success in different ways! Especially my thanks go to Lesly Federici of PAC Community, Robin Khokhar of TrickyEnough, Minuca Elena of MinucaElena, Lorraine Reguly of WordingWell, Sue Bride of SueBlimely, Brent Jones of BrentJonesOnline for their relentless support in various time in developing this post. And, a  BIG thanks to my better half Ann for helping me out in developing this post in various stages and of course for her great patience!


I also extend my heartfelt thanks to M Ashraf of The Malayalam News of Saudi Arabia, who invite me to write a note about Roundup posts and the present trend in the internet world in the esteemed daily The Malayalam News. Also, I extend my thanks to Zak Mustapha of FoolishnessFile who took the initiative to publish this on the pages of The Huffington Post.


In short, I am so glad to say that this is a great success, or let me say a triple success in my blogging journey!

final collage 1

One of the collage made for #Philipscom #Roundup


To clear this I must say: First, the responses and shares received for this post are tremendous, and an amazing one indeed! The shares on the second day of the publication were 450+ Indeed, that was one of the greatest achievements! And I express my thanks to all the dear ones who wholeheartedly accepted my invitation to join in this massive round up post I ever made. And also for the support given me in sharing this on their pages as well as on their social websites with wonderful, touching and encouraging notes.


I am so glad to say that this is a great success, or let me say a triple success in my blogging journey! Click To Tweet


Malayalam News 22 6 16

#Malayalam News,  #Gulf Daily

Second, a note or a write-up about this post is published in one of the top dailies from Saudi Arabia, The Malayalam News. You can read the post’s PDF of the post in one of my posts  HERE. For this great help, I am indebted to M Ashraf of  KanaappuramBlog


#TheHuffingtonPost #Roundup #philipscom

And the Third in line is the re-publication of the post in one of the prestigious online publications “The Huffington Post”  in two parts. For this, I am indebted to Zak Mustapha of FoolishnessFile. You can read that post PART I  HERE And PART II HERE



Yes, last but not the least is Mr. Robin Khokhar of TrickyEnough whose technical supports are worth mentioning in this Thank you note. Thanks Robin for your continued support in various aspects of this blog’s success.  I appreciate your valuable suggestions and advice.  Keep up the good work.


I once again express my wholehearted thanks to my regular visitors and readers for your support,  this means a lot to me.

Also please check out this related post, the seriousness or the importance of utilizing the early hours of the day. Read the post HERE


Keep visiting and keep sharing, I do sure reciprocate.


With All Good Wishes


For Philipscom


Philip Verghese Ariel



M Ashraf   MalbuAndMalbi 

Zak Mustapha  FoolishnessFile 

Robin Khokhar  TrickyEnough 


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by Philip Verghese 'Ariel'

A Multilingual Freelance Writer, Editor, Blogger, Roundup Expert, Translator, Internet Marketer And A Social Campaigner. Manages different sites in English as well as in Malayalam. Born And Brought Up In Kerala. Now Based At Secunderabad, Telangana, India. Can Reach At: philipscom55(@)Gmail [.] Com twitter: @PVAriel Skype Philva6

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Robin Khokhar

Hi Philip Sir,
Thanks for the kind mention, that’s a lot of respect.
Although I am always ready to help but more hard work is done by you alone.
And secondly, I must say that your hard work is now going to help many bloggers
because the post is now published in The Huffington Post the much talked about Online Newspaper.
Very good job Sir. Keep up the good work.
And thanks for sharing this post.
~ Robin

Abhishek Jain

This is very true Robin. PV Sir is making all of us popular in Blogging World.
Hats off to him for his sincere efforts for the bloggers.


Karthik Linga

Philip Bro ! you are great !! Thanks for your powerful shout out for bloggers ! It’s really good & very hard work as Robin said, really it’s a very very hard work to complete the task on Huffington. This post is also a big success for every blogger. ! Once again thank you so much !!

Ravi sharma

Hi Philip sir,
Great Post.Nice list of Experts on Huffington.
Thanks for sharing this amazing post.
Regards from Ravi Sharma

Anh Nguyen

Awesome, Phil!

I know how much time and effort you spent on this post and you certainly deserve all the shares and feature. 🙂 Congratulations!



Excellent Phil, and thanks for including me in this wonderful roundup…enjoy what’s left of your week my friend!

Manidipa Bhaumik

Hi Phil,

Some huge efforts from your side. Thank you so much for taking the pain. Congratulations to all those who have taken part. Great job my friend 🙂

Sue Bride

What an excellent news. Well done, Philip. I’m really pleased your efforts have been noticed. You deserve it. Thank YOU for including my contribution. I now have a link on Huffington Post Hurray. 🙂

Being recognized like this is a great boost for you and your blog. Congratulations.

Chris Makara

Thanks for including me, it is an excellent post. I know how much work go into these posts and I appreciate all the hard work you did to make it happen.

Bindu Cherungath

Indeed…it is great… congratulations philip

Ghostwriter David

Thanks again for including me, Philip and Zak. God bless.

Muhammad Mairaj

Well the good thing about PV is that he know very well how to deal with blogging. Because of his hard work and dedication towards blogging he prove himself that he is a true blogger. The thing which i like the most is that he not only promote his own blog but they also take care of other bloggers. So, they give chance to those individuals who are struggling.

Thank you so much for including me in this wonderful roundup 🙂



Hi Philip, I’m wondering, how much efforts you have invested to craft this post by consolidating all the replies of the experts with their image and blog link. This is really amazing! Hats off to your wonderful work. We are all glad that the round-up post got published in Huffinton post and yes, it is a great honor for all of us. Thanks for offering a great opportunity to reveal my sleep-productivity tips as well and you have nicely included in your post. Good to know that Robin had helped you a lot in making this post, regards to him… Read more »
Raghav Raaz

Thanks a lot for this massive roundup blog post.
Many different experts from around the world shared their experience.
A layman can pick lot of do follow things from their shares,
I appreciate your hard work in bringing out such an elegant post.
Much thanks again for this great share.
Keep up the good work
Raghav Raaz

Prince Ramgarhia

I never tried roundup posts but after reading you I probably want to do round up post and happy to see a successful blogger and pleasure to comment here thank you …


Hey Philip,
Roundup posts need a lot of hard work to be going on behind the scene, and you did it. Congrats!


Partho Pratim Mazumder

Hi Philip bro ,

I am regular reader of your blog . But it’s the first time that I can’t resist myself to express my opinion . I can feel how much passion is needed to do round up post , then by editing and sequence it requires lots of time . And above all you have choosen excellent topics .Nice to read your roundup post .

Thank you bro , wishing good luck . Have a great day . 🙂


David Merrill
Great job, Philip. Great to see your hard work pay off. As to your ranking/duplicate content issue, I don’t know how this works exactly, but I’ve always been under the impression that the first to publish a content piece is the one that benefits from the ranking, and the others are penalized by Google for publishing duplicate content. So, if you published AFTER HuffPo, you would be hurt in the rankings, not HuffPo. Now, I also believe that if you put canonical link to the HuffPo article in your SEO by Yost, you are crediting HuffPo properly and therefore not… Read more »
Robin Khokhar
Hi David, You are right that there may be a possibility that, instead of penalising HuffingtonPost this blog may be penalised by Google. that is because the reputation of the Huffingtonpost is much more than PVariel.com. But we can use the canonical tag to solve this issue. But only if the site is penalised but it is better to take precautions before anything happens. Or another thing that can be done to skip penalty is to remove the post from our blog or ask the Huffingtonpost to use a canonical tag or remove it. Thanks for the detailed feedback. May… Read more »

Hi Philip

You certainly are inspiration and what an achievement. Thank you so much for featuring me in the post. I am so happy that this post is getting the attention it deserves.

Thanks for sharing. Take Care


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Hi Philip,

I just reading your round up post & then this post. it is really amazing that your post is live in the HP & I also wish next time I also wanna part of your roundup post.

I just reading the comments mentioned here & its true that many authors sharing their original post to HP & still I have doubt that how Google will see that type of post. Is really Google Penalising for posting original articles in HP?
Need expert advice.


[…] Another joyous thing to say along with this Roundup post is that on the day June 22nd the post re-published on the esteemed pages of The Huggington Post that is exactly the birth date of the blog author.  Yet another Birthday Gift!!! LOL  Read a NOTE in this regard HERE […]


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