How To Convert A Static HTML Site To Responsive WordPress Site?

How To Convert A Static HTML Site To Responsive WordPress Site? A Guest Post By Jason. Responsive website design has become an important aspect of the website design today. According to a recent report, it has been shown that more than 45% of the websites’ traffic is driven by smartphones. And the number is growing […] Read More

Make Money Online Through Spread Betting

Make Money Online Through Spread Betting We  are living in an information loaded internet age.   To make money online there are so many options wide open before us, or let me say, in this  vast ocean called the Internet such opportunities are plenty.  Though a good number of such options are involved a high […] Read More

Bloggers Do You Know These Secrets! 15 Secrets About Your Blog Page

Bloggers Do You Know These Secrets!  15 Secrets About Your Blog Page! (My IWSG Post for October 2014) Last updated on October 5, 2016 I am sure many bloggers do not know most of these secrets about their own blogs!  I mean, I am talking about some of the hidden facts about our own blogs which we […] Read More

L for Letters: The Letters To The Editor

L for Letters: The Letters To The Editor Last updated on 16h March 2017 Letters and letter writing is disappearing in this age! In fact, it’s almost disappeared from the scene! It’s a fact that a few years back we all used to send letters to our near and dear through postcards or inland letters […] Read More

The Story Behind My Pen Name – Ariel

The Story Behind My Pen Name, Ariel    Last updated on: Oct 3, 2016 @ 12:12 How I procured my pen name, Ariel ? There is a story behind it. This Knol is a narration of that small incident happened in my life years back. That paved a way to stick with the name ARIEL  as […] Read More

Comment Authors Of Philipscom In September 2016

Philipscom Comment Authors In September 2016 Dear All, Greetings to you all from Philipscom, yet another month is just passed by!  We are on the threshold of another one! And am happy to be here with our comment author details. Yes, October is here to stay a few more days! I am so glad again […] Read More


SOME SCENES CAPTURED FROM KERALA THE GOD’S OWN COUNTRY  (FEW MOBILE UPLOADS) Last updated on Sep. 29. 2016 Kerala, one of the southern states in India is famous for its eye capturing lovely nature.   It is one of the major attractions of tourists from different parts of the Globe, especially  from the western nations. Here […] Read More

9 Tips to get Traffic into your Blog Pages

ow To Get More Traffic Into Your Blog Pages Or How To Promote your write-ups (Blog Posts) to Get Traffic. Last updated on Sep. 28. 2016 At the outset of an upcoming great event  called  A to Z Blog Challenge  I wrote an article a few years back.   This is an updated or refurbished version […] Read More


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