My Reflection Post At A to Z Blog Challenge 2014



Picture Credit: A to Z Blog Challenge 2014

The just concluded great event called A to Z blog challenge was indeed a great challenge to me this year!

The reason behind this is indeed a wonderful story too!

The beginning itself was not good and I thought almost quitting in the initial stage itself.

The reason you can read it in my first post in this series HERE

Though the problem fixed it by the timely intervention of my younger son Matt.

I managed to post the daily dose on time but at the closing day approached somewhat similar problem erupted!! That too in relation to my computer and connected activities, or say  the internet connectivity problem.  You can read about that in the following link HERE

Though the intimation about the challenge was announced in advance by the admin of A to Z  I thought of keeping the material ready for the day but unfortunately I could not do that in time.

Though last year’s activities at A to Z was so hectic, since I worked as one of the team member’s minion. I could full fill the duties to the utmost satisfaction of the team leader and was a hectic schedule of visiting the pages of the participants and filing the reports etc.

But this year was quiet and I was leisurely moved towards the beginning of the day.  But things suddenly changed due to the problems faced with the computer.

This year’s challenge taught me a great lesson that you should not take any task lightly, consider it as a serious thing and get prepared for the event or target beforehand so that any untoward incident comes,  you can easily overcome it and need not worry at the moment.  I prepared all my posts just one or two days before the deadline.   That will surely be a risk involved thing that I realized or learned from this year’s challenge.

So my sincere advise to my fellow bloggers those who are going to participate in such future events, it’s always good to be ready with your stuff beforehand. That will surely be an easy way to achieve the goal.

Yes, Don’t take things very lightly instead though it’s a simple thing approach it with a seriousness so that things can finish or do with much ease.

Thanks Arlee and team for allowing me to participate in this year’s challenge.

If God willing looking forward for the coming year’s challenge!!

May you all have a wonderful time of fellowship ahead in blogging and other activities in writing!

Thank you for all your support.

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by Philip Verghese 'Ariel'

A Multilingual Freelance Writer, Editor, Blogger, Roundup Expert, Translator, Internet Marketer And A Social Campaigner. Manages different sites in English as well as in Malayalam. Born And Brought Up In Kerala. Now Based At Secunderabad, Telangana, India. Can Reach At: philipscom55(@)Gmail [.] Com twitter: @PVAriel Skype Philva6

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Faycin A Croud

I’m visiting from the A to Z road trip list. I’m part of a blogging team, and we started with five blogs, but ended up finishing with three. I actually didn’t contribute any posts, but am trying to help by visiting blogs on the list. It is indeed a challenge, and I congratulate you on finishing it!

Tina Downey
Hi Philip!!!! Long time no see! I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to get over here…but you of all people know how busy we are as co-hosts! I’m glad you were able to finish the Challenge despite your computer difficulties. I didn’t have any of my posts done ahead of time…did them all the night before. A bit hectic, but I just ran out of time to prepare them. Thanks for joining us again, and for being such a great supporter of not just me, but the A-Z Blog and this event. You are an asset, and we thank… Read more »
Harleena Singh
Hi Philip, Congratulations indeed 🙂 I think just the mere fact that you participated in such a challenge is commendable because many people start such challenges but are never able to carry it right through till the end. I’ve read a few posts on your blog too and other friends who were in the same challenge and I know it’s certainly not easy to write something daily. However, it teach you a lot – to remain committed, dedicated, and as you mentioned, plan your work and keep things written well in advance. These are the very things we as professional… Read more »
Hi Philip, Wow, what a huge undertaking and you’ve done this more than once? That’s very impressive and I’ve never done a blogging challenge like this. I’ve done some challenges but they were pertaining to my work as far as keeping us on tract. I applaud you for hanging in there and I know that computer or internet problems can really cause havoc. I know it’s not smart yet I still do it but I usually write my posts the day before they go live. If for some reason I know for sure what I want to write about I… Read more »
Crystal Collier

I completely agree. It’s best to write your posts in advance so you’re not stressing about them the day of or night before. Preparation=calm. It was a wonderful challenge, despite the difficulties, wasn’t it?


Good to know about the A to Z Blog Challenge 2014. Going by this reflection, it is clear that it is an event every blogger should not miss. I agree that preparation before hand would help the blogger make the most of this challenge.

I have shared this comment in – the content syndication and social marketing platform for Internet marketers, where this post was shared.

Sunday – contributor

Jim Grant

Phillip, congratulations on sticking with it and finishing the challenge. The discipline to blog is tough. It was great connection with you on Google+, looking forward to chatting in the future.

Ryan Biddulph

Hi Phil,

So happy you’re keeping at it! Keep up the good work.


Lesson learned. 🙂

Grateful you have learned something in that challenge. Treat it seriously to attain your goal and have that satisfaction in the end. A task is a serious matter that you need to accomplish. Preparation is a must.

I have shared this comment in the content syndication and social bookmarking and networking website for Internet marketers – where this post was found.


It’s best to do things advanced or might as well just be prepared so when times of emergencies encounter you, your computer or your internet,

By doing things ahead of time you will be reserve and ready, with no hassle or stress knowing that everything will go A-OK,

Congratulation to you Philip, even though struggles come by, you were still able to succeed! Thanks for the reminders, we should always look ahead at what might happen so we can be prepared.

Have a great day! 😀


Hello Philip,
People who have the spirit of never giving up and seeing tasks through the end do always come out triumph over the rest who don’t. At least you’ve gained some more experience and though the task was heavy but through your writing, i can see the joy in you.

Nice post… Do have a good weekend

Manpreet Kaur
The message you have given through this post is much required. One should know that doing things on last minute basis doesn’t always work. Sometimes, the task is so easy that you keep putting it off until you realize that … it’s the deadline today! That’s the time when a small, easy task becomes so difficult. It has happened with me many times and that’s why i know how tough it gets when you have to manage an issue like that so the best option is always to – ‘Be prepared’. you should always try to be ready with your… Read more »

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