How to place (embed) a share button in your blogs? A Small Tutorial

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This is a small tutorial on how to place a share button in the knol pages. A tip I learned recently from two of my fellow writers’ here.


This is a small tutorial on how to place a share button in the knol pages. A tip I learned recently from two of my fellow writers’ here.

After placing it in some of my knol pages few curious inquiries were received on how to do this, and one of my co-authors (Narayana Rao K.V.S.S).suggested me to put this into a knol format so that others also can be benefited. Here I am with the little knowledge learned few days back.


Step # 1

Click the share button given at the beginning of this knol. A window opens with a good number of social web sites.

,Step # 2

At the top right and even at the bottom of the page there is a button called “Get the Button.” Click on it. There opens another window called “Get the button.” There you can see two blank columns called Page Name and Page URL fill the page name, that is the title of your blog or knol and paste the URL of your knol then click on the button called “Get Button Code.” There opens another window with the code in html format. Copy and paste this code into your knol page.

Step # 3

How to paste it into your knol page?
Go to your knol page and click open the “edit this knol” button. Go to the “html” button (“Edit HTML Source”) placed at the tool bar’s top extreme right, or just above your ‘avtar’ click open. There opens a window called Edit Html, edit html preview.

Carefully place the curser at the top of the text and paste the copied html code. Or this code can be placed at any other convenient place in the text, preferably at the top or at the bottom of the knol. Then press the “update” button. There you are with your share button in your knol. You can also have a preview on the same html editor box, thus ensuring how it will work, before saving it.)

Cool you are through.

Happy sharing the ‘share button’ at your knol pages as well as in your blog pages. 🙂

The original creator of this share button is “AddToAny” their twitter address is given above below the picture, visit that, you may get some more information about this wonderful site. or click here @

For some of the tips I used here I am very much indebted to M/s. Gust MEES, Rejoy K P and Jagadeesh M (Jag). Thanks to all.

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