How to make a blog of your own? An experience of a professional blogger

Make A Blog of Your Own

Yes, I want to start a blog of my own.  But how to make a blog?  This was the question when I thought of writing about my interesting subject.   As I am interested in entertainments like movies, live theater, concerts, and various other related activities.  I love all live entertainments and am very much interest in sharing with others.   I can share my enthusiasm and get my views out there for all to see.  Book clubs or any other similar things don’t interest me but discussions about live entertainment and various other similar activities I like most and now that’s something different!

Search On The Internet

Keeping this in mind I did a search on the internet to find a solution to this and am stunned to found a ton of information available on the world wide web on this subject.   I came to know that thousands of blogs are created every day and many millions are live now on the internet. This information one can read on the sites like,,  Google Plus  and  Various other free platforms.

Searching For A Free Platform To Make A Blog

Using a free service was the best choice for me as this is a ‘just for fun’ project.

I have noticed that now anyone can start a blog of their own without much effort and money.  There a good number of free platforms which allow you to begin. Platforms like Google’s is one among many free platforms.  To start with all you need to have is an email account in Gmail.  There are various other platforms which also provide somewhat similar facilities on free of cost, one such platform is

Also, I came to know that the various disadvantages with the free platforms and the features they provide.  But if things progress I might look at swapping to a self-hosting platform which would be more secure (the host company can’t shut me down if they don’t agree with my reviews!!).

Neil Patel And His Guide On How to Make a Blog

There are a good number of write-ups by well-experienced bloggers on this subject available on their websites.  One can go through such

informative posts before they start a blog of their own.  But I found a very well written piece by Neil Patel the Professional blogger, who specially published this for the benefit of new bloggers, You can read that valuable piece here on this link:  How to start a blog,  this, in fact, is easy to follow and gave me tons of direction.

Create A Domain Name For Your Own

My first step was to create a domain name.  My free host domain must be added after my site name as in but that doesn’t bother me for now.  The host will have final control over what I post, so if they don’t like what I’m doing they can close me down if they feel like it.

As I intend to keep things legitimate I can’t see that happening, but you never know!  If I change to a self-hosted service I’ll lose the extra domain name and be able to use ‘ as I will be paying the host for my freedom – that can come later!!  I can also add permalinks, where I make money in return for placing a link to a company website on my blog, or even commission from an ‘affiliate link’ (an agreement between me and a commercial company).

Blog design, Free Themes, And Plugins

Designing the blog is where it gets fun.  I get to decide which shows should feature first, where and how to post my reviews, whether my readers can contribute and make comments, and which shows to feature in the upcoming schedule.

When designing a blog, you can choose from free themes and plugins, or pay for a larger choice (Premium Themes).  If you choose to use premium themes you will get loads more features for your site design.  Premium themes are usually updated a lot more frequently than free themes because it’s in the developers’ interest to provide the best service they can.  You also don’t get links to unwanted (‘spammy’) sites which might not go down well with Google and affect your search ranking!

Logo Design – Last But not the Least In making a blog

Google Logo –

The last thing to consider is whether you want a logo which will stick in the minds of your readers and help them remember you.  There’s plenty of advice on the web regarding logo design so, again, you can investigate which method suits your needs and go for it.

Most of all – have fun.  This is a cool process and well worth looking into if you have a passion you feel like sharing with the world!

I invite the readers of Philipscom, especially the bloggers to share your experiences you underwent before you start a blog of your own.

Let us have an interaction on this subject. Please share your views, suggestions if any to the new bloggers in the comment box below.

You can also check this video which gives a lot of information from basic to the advanced users.


Image Credit: Mi Muba the Money blogger

If you are a serious reader and would like to start a blog of your own, then, check out this amazing post written by one of our best friends online and a well-known person to Philipscom.  He is none other than the famous Money Blogger Mi Muba from Pakistan.

You can read few of his posts on these pages of Philipscom.  Check out this Viral post on BLOG MAKING!  An advanced study guide on this subject written for any layman to follow.

Check out this Viral post on BLOG MAKING An advanced study guide on this subject was written on a systematic and easy to understand style.

Please click on the below link to read the Guide:

Complete Guide: How to write a blog post that must go viral?

Image Credit: Donna Merrill

Yet Another Related Post by Donna Merrill of Donna Merril Tribe. She too is not a new face to Philipscom. You can read her guest post elsewhere on these pages.A MUST READ On this subject to go on advanced blogging.

THIS IS INDEED A MUST READ TO ALL BLOGGERS On this subject If you want to go on advanced blogging.

Donna says: 

You should be writing blog posts that ignite viral content marketing in order to run a successful and influential blog.  That’s because blogging is pretty pointless without some truly effective content marketing strategies working in the background.

Read on by clicking on the below link:

 To write a blog post that must go viral?

Writing Blog Posts That Ignite Viral Content Marketing


Image Credit:;

Video Credit: YouTube:

Mi Muba

Donna Merrill

Check your domain ranking

by Philip Verghese 'Ariel'

A Multilingual Freelance Writer, Editor, Blogger, Roundup Expert, Translator, Internet Marketer And A Social Campaigner. Manages different sites in English as well as in Malayalam. Born And Brought Up In Kerala. Now Based At Secunderabad, Telangana, India. Can Reach At: philipscom55(@)Gmail [.] Com twitter: @PVAriel Skype Philva6

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Navnit Verma


Robin Khokhar

HI Philip Sir,
This is really an excellent post, and I am sure that it will be a great help to the newbie bloggers and Students.
And also thanks for linking me in this post.
I would simply say, keep up the good work.
And have a good week ahead.

Gnaneshwar Gaddam

Heartedly amazing post… Interesting post and usefull for all new tech bloggers

Mi Muba

Hi Philip

Just tell me what I call this post; is it a tutorial; guides roundup; ebook-post or treasure of info. Have gone through each and every word and this is mesmerizing power of the way of your writing that you improved amazingly in such a short time.

Have read the other posts you mentioned but the way you described about them influenced me to get back to them once again and read again to get the benefit if I left earlier.

Many thanks for mentioning my post and it’s an honor to me.
Have a great rest of the week.

Sherman Smith
Hey Philip, I started off with a free wordpress blog myself. I also ran into all my limitations with it LOL. It took me almost two years before I switched to a self hosted blog and I’m glad that I did. I was able to go way beyond those limitations and take advantage of a lot of the plugins I wanted to install to enhance my blog. One thing I do suggest when it comes to your blog is to start off with a message which defines what your blog is about and who is it for. This will help… Read more »
Donna Merrill

Hi Philip,

A wonderful article and perfect guide to anybody starting a blog.

You’ve given the steps they must take.

By adding some basic guidance from Neil Patel, you have really paved the way.

Thanks to for adding some “advanced” advice from MiMuba and myself 🙂

I think anyone starting a blog has landed on a gold mine here.

Excellent job, my friend.


George C

Hey Phillip! Only came across this post today but wow, absolutely loving every bit of it. Really easy to read and immensely valuable to experienced and new bloggers alike, keep up the good work!

Kerrie Price

This is an excellent article and I really enjoyed exploring the website. Lots of interesting articles for new bloggers and people looking for hints and tips.

Anil Agarwal
Hello Philip. This is a wonderful tutorial. Creating a blog is not always difficult even if you’re new to the game as there are lots of free tutorials on the internet like this one that will often guide you easily, if you like learning through videos, you will always get so many free video tutorials on Youtube that will put you through. However, the most difficult part is often what happens after creating the blog. As you already know, creating the blog is only one side of the coin, while running and making the blog profitable is another side. I’m… Read more »
Ryan Biddulph

Neil Patel is one of the top go to guys Phillip for creating a blog. Follow his tutorials. Buy into what he offers. The guy is a world renowned authority through the power of sharing his wisdom generously and keeping super persistent too. He is like clockwork! Lovely post buddy.


Ananya Aggarwal

Great post ,
Thanks for sharing the videos as well, I have bookmarked this blog post for my future reference 🙂


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