How To Get More Comments On Your Blog Posts?

 How To Get More Comments On Your Blog Posts?

Last Updated On September 15, 2016

Greetings to you all after a bit gap of  active blogging!

I am here again with a big bang! 🙂

Yes,  I said it  “BIG BANG”


Donna Merrill of Merrill Tribe

Though I was away for some time on a special assignment I was not fully away from the net activities, instead my presence was there!  In fact, with the help of my fellow bloggers I could keep the activities on my blog more lively.  I am so thankful to Donna Merril  of  MerrilTribe,  with her Guest Post- List building on Your Blog  in my absence.  She was very active in my blog page after publishing her post.  In fact her apt responses to each of the feedback (comments) received is really encouraging.

When I say about her

/Comments the first thing came to my mind is about my own activities on the pages of the world wide web.  Yes, my web activities started by commenting on others blog pages.

In the initial stage I started reading blog pages voraciously and could not stay

blogcommback to say something I read, so in most cases I do post my opinion blatantly though few of them do not like my outright opinion.  Many respond to my comments and those responses encouraged me to read more and comment more.  When I was doing this I was not having any blog page as my own, though I have been a member of some of the platforms.    I have mentioned more about this in one of my  recent interviews I had with Reji Stephenson of Digitaldimenions4u under the title PV Ariel A Blogger Without A Blog, Read a note in this regard on this link here:  P V Ariel A blogger without a blog! 

Comments are vital part of blogging! Bloggers eagerly look for comments after pressing the publish button! Click To Tweet

Also, please read some of the posts I wrote on this unique subject on my pages HERE

Yes, comments are vital part of blogging! And in fact, all bloggers eagerly look for comments on their pages.


The Infographer Josue

In this post I am going to introduce a wonderful post, an Infographic developed by an online friend, Jesue Valles about blog comments and some strategies on how to get more comments on your pages.

Read  what he wants to say on this subject to his readers!

If you like this post, I would like to hear from your.  Please do post a comment through the comment box below!  As I mentioned everyone wants comments on their pages!!! And your presence on my page with a comment will be warm welcomed and will be notified in these monthly series with a suitable reciprocation!

Thank you.

To see our previous Comment Authors and the topper in the List, please click on the below link:

Philipscom Comment Authors

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Please use the share button placed on the side bar and tell others about it. 🙂

Thank you for your valuable presence here again!

May you have a blessed week ahead

For Philipscom Associates


Philip Verghese Ariel

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by Philip Verghese 'Ariel'

A Multilingual Freelance Writer, Editor, Blogger, Roundup Expert, Translator, Internet Marketer And A Social Campaigner. Manages different sites in English as well as in Malayalam. Born And Brought Up In Kerala. Now Based At Secunderabad, Telangana, India. Can Reach At: philipscom55(@)Gmail [.] Com twitter: @PVAriel Skype Philva6

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48 Comments on "How To Get More Comments On Your Blog Posts?"

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Vashishtha Kapoor

Amazing infographic sir

Thanks for sharing this wonderful and valuable post.
Have a nice day. 🙂
~ Vashishtha

Reji Stephenson

Hi Brother Phil,

Good to hear that you are back in full swing. Hope that there will be a flow of valuable comments from you soon on many of your favourite blog and communities. Donna Merrills guest post was a wonderful one that added more importance to your website.

Also, thank you very much for giving a link to the interview in my blog and publishing the superb infographics. A special thank to the infographer josue too.

Hoping to see more posts from you soon.

Have a nice day.

Reji Stephenson

Donna Merrill
Hi Philip, I first want to thank you so much for the kind words you have written about me. It is an honor! So good to see you back in action again. I love this infographic! You know me well enough that I always stress how important commenting is. I can honestly say that I do get many visitors to my blog from a comment I have left on another’s. Timing is everything when posting a blog post and if it is done consistently, people somehow will know and look forward to it. Posting early in the morning is best.… Read more »
Josue Valles

Hey, Phil. Thanks for the support, I really appreciate it!

Hopefully this infographic gives your readers all they need to start getting the most out of blog comments.

Have a great day!

Hey Philip, I never thought about posting on the weekends. I find it is slower in response times on the weekend. Sometimes it even feels like a ghost town. But if your statistics are saying the weekends get more comments, who am I to say other wise. I might schedule a couple for the weekends and see how they go. I comment on as many blogs as I can, one because the experts say it is one of the best ways to connect and develop relationships and two it has increased my knowledge. I find it an enjoyable part of… Read more »
Sherman Smith
Hey P V, There are many ways to get comments and this was a great infographic showing what are the best practices to get more. The only thing I disagree with is what days to publish your content to get the most content. For my blog the best days are Monday through Thursday. I usually get the most during this time and it slows down on the weekend. I do believe it all depends on who you connect with. The there are those who love to comment while there are others who prefer just sharing. But if we want more… Read more »
Monna Ellithorpe

Hi Philip,

Great infographic you have shared. Blogging is a great way to brand but sometimes even taking a short vacation or time off, your blog can suffer some. It was so good of Donna to “Blog sit” for you.


Hey Phillip,
Blog commenting helps to improve exposures for brands. It increases leads and sales if done correctly.

What bloggers must learn is the right way and time to comment. Valuable comments and feedback boost engagement, and possibly sales.

Although the infographic is not in-depth, it still serves as reminder on the importance of blog commenting for the brand.

In, the above comment was left where this post was shared.


Hi Philip

This is an awesome infograph and thanks for sharing. It will help newbies and even pro Bloggers understand the importance of blog comments

Sharad Gupta

Nice infographic, I like the points you mention all worthy to get more comments.

It is a good idea to comment on other blogs and get reciprocal comments.

Stella chiu

Hi Philip

Awesome infographic post about commenting. Glad you also provide data about good time to post. Because I am currently posting them late hour. I will change the time to 8-9 AM.

Commenting is very important not just for back link but also for I got many new ideas from different bloggers.

Thanks for the post

– Stella

Yvonne I. Wilson
Hi Philip Nice to have you back even though it did not appear you were on a break. Thanks for sharing this lovely post. I love the infographic as it lays out things quite nicely. I agree with the points about how to get more comments with the exception of what time of the week to share a post such as weekends. It varies and it depends on the blog and even the individual. For me weekends tend to be very slow, traffic drops for me that time so I tend not to do too much with posting on weekends.… Read more »
Lea Bullen

Hi Philip,

This is a really great infographic. The illustrations are fun and it’s easy to read. Interesting perspectives, I didn’t know the publishing schedule had such an impact on comments.

Enjoy the day.


Lawrence Berry

Getting comments on your article posts are great indicators that people are actually reading and liking your work. Also, that you have a following. This can be great for businesses looking to gain the trust of potential clients as comments can help indirectly build credibility. But, you dont want spammy comments, you want relevant people who really have a voice and can give you feedback. I like this post and they details that it outlines to get more comments. I think being part of blogging communities is also a great way to get more comments.

Dr. Erica Goodstone
Philip, Congratulations on being the top blog commenter at PAC. I have discovered that the more I go out of my way to read other people’s blogs, to comment on their posts and on their social media sites, the more they return the favor and visit my pages and posts. It is the building of relationships and the reciprocity that is essential. Of course, the content has to also be worth someone’s time and effort to read it. We do have to provide value and some education as well. Appealing images and small paragraphs make the reading easier and more… Read more »

Hi Philip,

Thanks for sharing another lucrative post along with awesome infographic. Infact commenting on other blogs is the vital part in blogging which help us to improve our blogs. And it is the excellent way to create nice relationship with other bloggers.

Thanks for fantastic sharing 🙂


Mary Ann Garson

Hi Philip,
Thank you for this helpful information you provided with us,
that totally helps to a new blogger like me.
Mary Ann

The Power of Blog comments! A great Strategy To Get More Traffic. - Philipscom

[…] How To Get More Comments On Your Blog Posts? […]



Hussain Omar

Hey Philip,
Indeed, comments do great things that one could not imagine, it is not about getting a no follow link from high authority sites at all, it is all about exchanging thoughts and building relationships. I always say that, blog commenting is part of one’s online presence and you just confirmed that, as you built the online presence even without a webpage.

Loved the infographic too, thanks for sharing, Philip!

Have a nice weekend!


Donna Merrill

Wow Philip,

One year later and it is still evergreen! This post is a great one and I thank you for featuring me once again my friend.

Look how far you have come in a year’s time. Isn’t it amazing how we all grow.


Martin Eising

Hey Philip,
Glad to be here today.
Getting interaction on blog posts certainly is important!
The projected infographic speaks volume.
Thanks for sharing

Swapnil Kharche

Hello Philipsir,

Once again I am here.

This one is really amazing and gonna help to many people along with me. Really this one is a Wow factor post and infographic is amazing. Knowledge with fun.

Thanks for the superb sharing 🙂
Swapnil Kharche

Robin Khokhar

Hi Philip sir,
It’s really nice to see Josue on your blog. I have always been a fan of commenting so Wouldn’t have missed this post. What I mean to say that the Infographic is really good.
Thanks for sharing.

Minuca Elena

Hi Philip,

The infographic looks great and it gives us many useful tips. As you know, I am not an avid commenter but as you said, everyone wants to see a lot of engagement on their blog, and that means shares and comments. A Romanian saint said something like: “By giving you will receive”. In this case, that means that if bloggers want active commenters then they should first comment on other sites.

Thanks for reminding me of this important lesson, Philip!

Have a great weekend,


Hi Phil

Thank you for sharing this info graph. I can attest to the fact that blog commenting has helped my blog. Take Care

Erika Mohssen-Beyk

Hi Philip ,
this is really a great infographic ,good to follow step by step 🙂
Thanks to Josue
It will help not only beginners .
Thank you, all the best


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