Google The Giant Search Engine Changes Its Logo

Google The Giant Search Engine Changes Its Logo43594037-ca9f-4625-ba0c-cbec3db2fb53-1020x612

The Search Engine Changed  its logo few hours before.

Watch  the below video for  a glimpse of its transformation during the years…

Sundar Pichai its new CEO wrote in a comment on the new look:

“We’ve got a new look that reflects all the ways you use Google, across platforms, apps & devices. Enjoy! “

Read more about the Indian born new CEO of Google Sunder Pichai by clicking on the below link:

Meet Sundar Pichai, Google’s New CEO

Also, please read other related stories published on their official blog and elsewhere.

News #1

New #2

Here are some of the previous logos from the archives 





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by Philip Verghese 'Ariel'

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Atish Ranjan

Hello Philip,

Thanks for sharing this news. I have noticed this yesterday, though the new logo is good I am still in love with the older one.

Google always upgrade its assets and that is the way of big Companies.

Thanks a lot Philip for the kind mention! 🙂

Ashutosh Porwal

Hi Philip,

Thanks for updating me. I notice one more thing everyone putting status on social media sites Google change its logo but no one putting why Google change logo! Can you please answer my this question!

I am waiting for your positive answer!


Dan Ewah

Hi Philip,

How are you my friend, it’s been a while, hope you are doing just fine.

Thanks for breaking the news here.

Just thought I should drop by to say hello.


Linda Schrier
Hi Philip, This is my first visit to your blog post. You visited mine so I came to visit yours. I didn’t know that Google changed their logo. I like the new look. It’s simple, clean and sort of sleek. Yes, I definitely like it. I read Atish’s post on Sunder Pichai and how he is the new CEO of Google. All of India should be very proud to have him as CEO of Google. He is one very smart man, indeed with his various achievements. Google has evolved beyond belief and they are saying, It’s only the tip of… Read more »
Kathryn Maclean

I saw when they were changing the logo It looked like a drawing of a child’s hand erasing the old logo
and then drawing the new one. That is how I think of the new design, for the future of our children.
It looks rather childlike I think.

I read the post on Sunder Pichai and how he is the new CEO of Google. I am sure that India is very proud to have him as CEO of Google. He is a very smart man, indeed with his various achievements.

Thanks for the article.

Carol Amato

Hi, Philip,

I really enjoyed the video you provided about the history of Google.

Their new logo is simpler and cleaner, and I really like it.

Also I didn’t know Google got a new CEO, that’s wonderful.

On holidays, Google does a lot of fun things with their logo and I like the interactive games they display for holiday; although I’m not a gamer at all.

Thanks for sharing.

I will be Spreading the word…



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