An Amazing Artist “Arifa” and Her Talented Family From A Desert Land

Amazing Art Works by Arifa And Jumana, one of my friends’ daughters. Arifa, Jumana, Your works are amazing !!  Keep it up!  Keep up the good work ! We Wish You Both All Success in All Your Endeavors. May God Bless. with Love & Regards. Philip Uncle & Team Secunderabad Telengana State India An Oil Painting by […] Read More

N is for Nisha Pandey The SEO Blogger

N is for Nisha Pandey The SEO Blogger The next in line in the series is yet another wonderful blogger from India, she is none other than Nisha Pandey the SEO Expert! I met this amazing blogger via a social community platform and as I mentioned in my previous post – M Is for Mi […] Read More

Women ! An Amazing Thought ! What Is Women?

 What Is Women? Yet Another Women’s Day Is Here! Few Serious Thoughts for the day. But I am sure the whole week will follow the spirit of celebration among women all around!! Here is a thought provoking Note I received today: This note will surely put the thinking cap on men!!! Hey! My Counterparts! Let […] Read More

International Women’s Day – Happy Women’s Day To All Our Friends

Pic. Credit.,au Pic. Credit. Today (March 8th) Is A Wonderful Day, The World Over Celebrate This Day As Women’s Day I Wish All My W. Friends A Great Day Today As Well As The Days Ahead, Visit Site I Can Remember of Many Women in my life especially on this day, but I am […] Read More

A Mother Who Left Behind an Exemplary Foot Prints to Follow

A Mother is remembered on this wonderful day called Mother’s Day (A Migrated Knol) My Beloved Father P T Varghese and My Mother  A brief memoir of my mother Saramma Verghese (85 years) Promoted to Glory on July 8th 2008 Contents July 8th 2011.        Three Years Just Passed By… Pleasant  Memories  of  My […] Read More

Women Leadership in Christian Churches – A Rejoinder

Women Leadership in Christian Churches – A Rejoinder, A Thought (A Rejoinder to a Content at By P.V. Ariel, published Mar 22, 2008 “Women Leadership in Christian Churches – A Rejoinder, A Though”  This refers to an interesting article appeared on the pages of AC under the caption, “What Role Can Women Play in […] Read More


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