How To Remove Your Last Name from Facebook Account

How To Remove Your Last Name from Facebook Account I am so glad to introduce Mr. Naveen Kumar from New Delhi our guest author this week. He is a techie blogger and an SEO Expert  writes on various topics like SEO, Money making online, and other internet subjects.  He blogs at Naveen posted a […] Read More

How Google Rank Pages And Websites – An Infographic

How Google Rank Pages And Websites – An Infographic Developed by   The other day while reading my blog colleagues Mi Muba’s and Atish Ranjan’s informative posts  on Linkotorial and Interlinking (two different subjects connected with blogging)  my mind went in for various other topics like Link building, Page ranking, backlinking, Page level, site level, […] Read More

Philipscom Comment Authors In The Month Of November 2014

As you all know my name is Philips. It’s Indeed  a coincidence that the famous brand name of a tube light   company too carries the same name! Yes, we all know that tube-light takes a bit time to light up after switching on. Yes, exactly the same thing happened with this post too!!!  🙂 A December first week’s […] Read More

Productivity Hack for Bloggers and Social Media Addicts: Use an OpenURL Batch File

Our Guest Author Today Is David Leonhardt, from Chesterville, Ontario.    He is a Creative Writer, Editor, Social Media Strategist, and an online marketer. David has spent the last decade successfully promoting websites – content marketing strategies, blogging, SEO and social media. Prior to that, he was a consumer advocate and media spokesperson, always writing press […] Read More

Google Brings Yet Another New Feature to its Google+ platform

Yet another new feature from Google to its Google + platform Google today added a new feature to Google+: pinned posts. You can now choose to pin one of your posts to the top of your profile page… Googl’s DennisTroper revealed this news via  Engadget.  Here is a pinned post by a Tech Savvy Rohan Chaubey  : For more […] Read More

How to Shorten Your Long URLs: Here Is A User Friendly Page….

Though there are a good number of web pages which provide this facility of shortening your long URLs, I found this page a wonderful and user-friendly one, which anyone can avail even without registering or opening an account with them. But if you are an unregistered user you will not get a lot of other […] Read More

How to Convert PDF Files into an Editable Document Format for Free

Convert your PDF files into an editable text format.  Yes, you heard it right!   Here is a wonderful and very user-friendly free online service. You can convert your PDF or scanned documents into an editable word format. This service is free on online. You need not install it into your computer. Your PDF documents […] Read More


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