Some Amazing and Uplifting Thoughts for the Month of February.

Picture Credit: Sapphire Productions. Some Good Thoughts for the Month Some amazing and meaningful thoughts I received in my in box the other day, with due credit and respect to the dear one who created this and posted, I would like to share it with my fellow authors and readers at this place on this […] Read More

Astrology: A Christian Perspective

Mad Rush Towards Soothsayers or Astrologers A write-up on Astrology. A Christian perspective on astrology published on  the pages of  “Confident Living” and “Harvest Times for your family” magazines.  The writer brings out certain facts on this subject based on the Holy Bible. A Christian viewpoint on astrology. The uncertainties among people are increasing day […] Read More

Church confederation- right or wrong

More Goodies @ NackVision Share| Church confederation – right or wrong                                                                                                                                                                    —By Michael Browne, U K. Argument against the need for ‘Confederation of Local Assemblies’ in India. This is an argument opposing the current agitation for the “Confederation” of independent local churches in India – in order, as its exponents feel, to present a […] Read More

Breaking, Informative and Interesting News from Around the World (Version-2- July 2010)

Breaking, Informative and Interesting News from Around the World (Version-2- July 2010) Latest News From Around The World This knol’s main purpose is to make note of the breaking and informative news from around the world to the knol community—the authors/visitors and readers. This knol is under Moderated collaborationThe knol authors and readers are invited […] Read More

News You Can Abuse, Please Do not Sell

A Feedback to a Cover Story of Outlook Weekly News Magazine A response to a cover story published in the popular Indian weekly News Magazine about the present trend of some of the media in India. Vinod Mehta the Chief Editor and his team brought out a vital and serious issue prevailing in the Indian […] Read More

An Interview with Amartya Sen the Noble laureate by Vinod Mehta and Anjali Puri of Outlook News Weekly, New Delhi. Under the title: “I Prefer To Fight

I posted a response to it in the “Have Your Say” Column. Excerpts from the interview… In the 63rd year of Independence, how many cheers would you give Indian democracy? How peculiar that Gandhi should be on the side of Krishna, who made Arjuna fight and kill people. Out of a total of three (laughs)? […] Read More

Film Star SRK’s

Just posted a response (comment) on SRK’s frisk incident at US Airport and the news items appeared on Yahoonews and Film producer Shekhar Kapoor’s reactions.Please read on at Shekhar Kapur slams Ambika Soni for comments on SRK episode – Yahoo! India Movies – Yahoo! Buzz My comment: Sharuk Khan episode in US is no […] Read More


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