Philipscom Weekly Roundup Post On News And Views Part 1 

weekly roundup final 1

A Weekly Roundup post on the major events/happenings in the world of Technolgy, Blogging Etc. I am happy to start a new series, under the name Philipscom Weekly Roundup post on the major events happenings especially in the world of  Technolgy, Blogging, and Various other related Current issues  in and around the globe. I will pick up the information from ... Read More »

Amazing Bloggers Who Feature Me In Their Posts


Amazing Bloggers Who Mention Me In Their Posts Since my blogging journey, oh NO, let me put it this way, my Internet journey started way back in 2007 I met a good number of bloggers from the internet world.  And I went through various aspects of this wonderful phenomenon called blogging. I have faced good and bad experience on this ... Read More »

SEO Talk Of the Town! All About SEO! An Ultimate Checklist On SEO


A to Z on SEO An Ultimate Guide! A Wonderful Checklist On SEO I am so glad to write again about SEO the wonderful subject people all around in blogging sector talks about. Happy to share yet another informative piece developed by Dennis Seymour of LeapFroggr, one of my online friends. You can download this infographic and post on your blog/website. ... Read More »

What Others Say About Philipscom: Few Testimonials


What Others Say About Philipscom: Few Testimonials Blog post updated on 24.08.2016 Yet another year just passed by! We All entered into a New Year! When I  look back to the year passed by there are a good number of things to jot down in these pages. But this post’s purpose is totally a different one and I do not want ... Read More »

Jet, Set, Go! What to Look for in Watches Fit for Frequent Fliers


Not all who wander are lost.  The iconic quote by J.R.R. Tolkein has practically become the anthem of travellers across the globe. While I’m all for thrilling adventures, let’s be honest, if you don’t even know what time of day it is, then so help you, god, you are a little bit lost! Whether you’re travelling for work, vacationing with ... Read More »

L for Letters: The Letters To The Editor


L for Letters: The Letters To The Editor Last updated on 17 08 2016 Letters and letter writing is disappearing in this age! In fact, it’s almost disappeared from the scene! It’s a fact that a few years back we all used to send letters to our near and dear through postcards or inland letters via post office. The main ... Read More »

Why Do You Blog???Some Serious Thoughts on Blog Writing.

Omana 2010

Blog updated on Aug 15. 2016 Why Do You Blog? My Sixth Entry (for Saturday)  In a Series of   7 for “7 Day Blogging Challenge for Bloggers” from Jenson Taylor The other day while browsing through the net  I  noticed an interesting notification from Blogger Buzz on their blog page.    “Why do you blog?  was the title given to that content. ... Read More »

The Power of Blog comments! A great Strategy To Get More Traffic.


Blog comments are Talking Volume! A great Strategy, Tip,Trick To Get More Traffic On Your Blog Pages Blog comments can play a vital role in our blogging journey.  A ton of material has been written on this subject by many expert authors.  But still, experiences of  bloggers are pouring in on the spaces of internet walls!  I too have published ... Read More »

20 Workable Steps to Become A Social Media Influencer

Analyze CompetitorsRusty Blogger

Hi All Philipscom Readers, I am so glad to introduce yet another young blogger and marketing expert from the world of internet. Philipscom’s today’s guest is Abhishek Jain, founder, and CEO of Rusty  A blog dedicated to the service of the upcoming new bloggers.  He writes on various subjects related to blogging, marketing, and other SEO related issues.  He ... Read More »