Roundup Posts are a big turning point in the blogging world. ബ്ലോഗ്‌ ഉലകത്തിൽ   വഴിത്തിരിവായി റൗണ്ടപ്പ് പോസ്റ്റുകൾ 


Picture Source: Gulf Malayalam News Roundup Posts are a big turning point in the blogging world.  This post is a write-up I wrote on the pages of  “Gulf Malayalam News” the leading daily newspaper in the Gulf countries.   The write-up gives a general idea of Roundup posts. അതി വിശാലമായ ഇന്റെർനെറ്റ് സമുദ്രത്തിലെ ഒരു കോണിൽ വിരാജിക്കുന്ന ഒരു ചെറിയ സംഭവമത്രെ ബ്ലോഗുകൾ. ദിനംപ്രതി ലക്ഷക്കണക്കിനു ... Read More »

A Roundup Post, Few Thoughts And An Invitation – ഒരു റൌണ്ട് അപ്പ്‌ പോസ്റ്റും ചില ചിന്തകളും ഒരു അറിയിപ്പും

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ഒരു റൌണ്ട് അപ്പ്‌ പോസ്റ്റും ചില ചിന്തകളും ഒരു ക്ഷണവും  – A Roundup Post, Few Thoughts, And An Invitation This is an invitation note made to the Malayalam Readers and bloggers. I am planning to publish a similar post in the Malayalam language. I am sure this will be an interesting feature to the dear bloggers who contributed their mites in the said ... Read More »

130+ Online Experts Share their Sleep and Productivity Secrets

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Sleep is essential to keep a healthy body. Sleep and Productivity are well connected each other.  In this massive roundup post various experts share their sleep and productivity secrets.  130+ online experts from various fields from around the world share their experiences. The time required or allotted for sleep is most of the time insufficient!  There are only 24 hours ... Read More »

Make Money Online – Play And Win Real Money – A Great Educational Site On Online Games


Make Money While You Play Games Online  Play and Win real money! Casinos are here again!  Casinos have for long served as entertainment venues as well as places to win some real money. Yes, With the proliferation of online and mobile games, the opportunities have increased. No longer it is necessary to travel to often distant land-based casinos. Now, punters can ... Read More »

The World Environment Day Is Here—A Look back And Some Feedback


  Pic. Credit. UNEP   Picture Credit. Anish Thankachen (Anisat) U S A Every year on June 5th United Nations celebrate the World Environment Day. The main aim of the day is to make awareness among people about the seriousness of the environmental problems we are facing day to day and to give a human face to the environmental issues. This ... Read More »

What makes for great leadership?


  There is so much rhetoric in leadership but from time to time we get to see and experience what great leadership is. These are moments, events and time in our lives when we feel touched, moved and inspired because we see and experience great leadership. What have been such moments for you? Perhaps it was a parent figure, a ... Read More »

Amazing Bloggers Who Feature Me In Their Posts

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Amazing Bloggers Who Mention Me In Their Posts Since my blogging journey, oh NO, let me put it this way, my Internet journey started way back in 2007 I went through various aspects of this wonderful name called blogging. I have faced good and bad experience on this journey, though there are few incidents of bad experiences I can very ... Read More »

How to express our gratitude to our comment authors?

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Philipscom Comment Authors In The Month Of May 2016 Yes, we the bloggers are one of the busiest bodies on this earth! A lot of things to do in a day! Creating a blog post and to promoting it and visiting other fellow bloggers’ pages and lot of other connected activities in a day! In such a situation getting comments, ... Read More »

‘Oh My God’ Can We Use This Phrase In Our Conversations


  “Oh My God” I use this phrase quite often in my conversation especially when I make comments on my fellow bloggers’ posts and sometimes in the social network’s notifications. Noticing this phrase in my comments one of my readers,  a follower, and a well-wisher send a private mail to me saying, Brother, please do not use that phrase in ... Read More »

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